5 Hacks To Look Great In A T-Shirt

5 Hacks To Look Great In A T-Shirt

In Style Advice by Melanie Shaw

T-shirts are a must-have for everyone’s closet. Not only are they comfortable and versatile, allowing you to style them in countless ways, but they also promote inclusivity, as anyone can wear them regardless of shape, size, age, and gender. 

Because T-shirts are easy to wear, they have become a classic staple for anyone who’s into fashion. However, figuring out what to pair with them besides your denim pants can be challenging. Luckily, you can refer to this list for helpful hacks to look great in a T-shirt! 

  • Customize Your Plain Shirts 

Plain T-shirts make your style monotonous. Instead, consider customizing them using different graphics for added character. You can design custom t-shirts with the help of enterprises that offer branding services. Depending on your preferences, you can have different images or wordings in different colors.  

After that, you can style your graphic T-shirt in the following ways: 

  • Pair a white one with blue jeans and black mules. 
  • Throw a black T-shirt with red graphics on white flare pants and flats. 
  • Couple a colored shirt with distressed shorts, Converse shoes, and sunglasses. 
  • Wear a white or black T-shirt under a power suit. 
  • Top a long floral skirt and rubbers with a T-shirt of any color. 
  • Rock a colored T-shirt with oversized denim. 
  • Size a T-shirt up with bike shorts. 

Once you include graphics in your plain tees, the number of outfits you can match is numerous. 

  • Pay Attention To The Dress Code 

While fashion is all about challenging stereotypes and conventions, certain occasions may not freely accommodate T-shirts. Most functions like official duties and weddings call for suits and ties or a long-sleeved shirt.  

Before breaking a dress code, ensure the rigidity of the protocol and the consequences they may entail. Some may allow it; some strictly don’t. Surely, you don’t want to lose your job over a fashion statement. It is, therefore, essential to know the appropriate time and place to wear a T-shirt, so you don’t stick out like a sour thumb.  

T-shirts are best worn on casual occasions. Here are some great suggestions: 

  • Pair a black T-shirt with blue jeans for an outing with friends. 
  • Wear a white T-shirt with cream khakis and converse for a colleague’s party. 
  • Pair a sleeveless round-neck maroon tee with black joggers and sandals for dinner with your family. 

Understanding the event’s dress code is key to having a chic and balanced outfit. This way, you can avoid looking underdressed or out of place.  

  • Know Your Body Type 

Remember that any piece of clothing looks different in various body shapes and sizes. Hence, understanding your body type is crucial to looking stunning in a T-shirt. For example, the same light-colored, slightly loose T-shirt can accentuate the curves of a person with a large build and also emphasize the leanness of the upper torso and arms of a person with a small build. 

It is always best to know your body’s best qualities and allow them to stand out with your clothing. Ensure the T-shirts you choose conform to your body shape and do not restrict your movement or cause discomfort.  

Consider the T-shirt’s neck type. A V-neck is perfect if you’re after showing off your built-up chest, and it creates an illusion by balancing a narrow face or neck. If you have a thinner frame, go for crew necks. 

  • Work On Your Pairing Techniques 

You must ace your pairing techniques to pull off a sexy, classy, or chic look with a T-shirt. This includes color coordination and the type of T-shirt you have. Here are some pairing tips: 

  • Have a scoop neck tee paired with a tracksuit and earrings. 
  • Add a long cardigan, fun flats, and striped pants to a white T-shirt. 
  • Combine black skinny pants, a white crop T-shirt, a topcoat, and strappy heels. 
  • Couple a white pencil skirt, black T-shirt, and printed pumps. 
  • Combine printed pants, a navy blue T-shirt, and wedges. 
  • Layer a nautical stripe tee with espadrilles and a denim shirt dress. 
  • Combine a midi skirt, a utility jacket, a pink T-shirt, and heels. 
  • Add a black spaghetti strap dress and white denim shoes to a white T-shirt. 
  • Combine a grey tee with a silk scarf and loafers. 
  • Pair a denim skirt with fringe boots and a white shirt. 
  • Have a black T-shirt coupled with black leather leggings, heels, and a textured jacket. 
  • Pair culottes and mules with a graphic tee. 
  • Combine an off-shoulder tee with an eyelet skirt and slip-on sneakers. 
  • Couple a blazer and cutoffs with a white graphic tee. 
  • Dress up a white tee using a black leather jacket and blue jeans. 

T-shirts, especially graphic tees, are a mainstay in the fashion industry. Play with your pairing can improve your look tenfold. 

  • Select The Right Fabric 

To look good in a T-shirt, you must choose the appropriate material. A tee with a better fabric outperforms any other by a wide margin. Before buying a t-shirt, always read the label to find out which material is used to make it. Here are some comfortable yet durable fabrics: 

  • Jersey 
  • Merino 
  • Bamboo 
  • Pima 
  • Stretch fabrics 
  • Linen blends 

Also, regardless of the fabric, avoid super thin or lightweight T-shirts, as they may wear out quickly. 


T-shirts are versatile, making them a staple in fashion. You can wear them in countless ways for nearly every situation if you style them right. Use the hacks above to ensure your T-shirt outfits remain trendy.

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