5 Top Shoe Trends to Own in Summer 2024

In Fashion Marketing by Melanie Shaw

“Summer always calls for a pair of flip-flops and a day off,” goes the saying, but for fashionistas, the warmer season is an ideal time to show off their highest heels, sexiest sandals, and perfectly pedicured toes. From pool soirées to summer balls, there are so many occasions that enable you to put the most stylish items in your wardrobe to good use. Before the sun is at its highest point in the sky, make sure to feast on these footwear trends, and get your hands on at least one for a super sartorial summer of 2024.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels—short stilettos measuring less than two inches in height with a curve that sets the heel inward from the back of the shoes—are all over the runways, and their blend of stylishness and carefree air make them an ideal work shoe for fashion-loving women in the summer. Just a few high-end brands embracing this trend include Prada, Gucci, and Jimmy Choo. Khaite has a gorgeous ankle-length boot with a kitten heel, which lends a little grace to this otherwise serious pointed-toe design. If you’re into this style, go for sexy colors like orange, powder blue, and burgundy, and don’t forget what the undoubted star color of the season: silver!

Pointy Toed Shoes

Ultra-pointed shoes are back, both in pump and boot form. Just about every top fashion house has rocked this trend at the Big Four fashion shows, including Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, and Prada. Alexander McQueen’s take on this trend includes a beautiful black boot with a pencil-thin stiletto heel. Prada, meanwhile, presents open-backed pumps with indented mid-length heels and a gentle point. Dolce & Gabbana takes things to the extreme with thigh-high boots and a well-defined point.

Feathers and Bows

There’s just one thing that makes this trend one for those who regularly opt for professional shoe cleaning: these shoes are furry, feathery, or filled with bows, and they only look good if you keep them in brand-spanking new condition! This is definitely for those into designer and collector shoes, as it’s so unique it’s almost a work of art! Watch out for shoes that are covered in statement bows, sequined features, and fluffy faux fur. The aim is for your shoes to be the statement piece of your outfit, so keep the rest of what you’re wearing elegant and simple for a perfectly polished look!

Open-Toed Shoes

Summer has traditionally been a time for showing off well-cared-for, brightly-painted toenails and this year is no different. From open-toed boots to pumps with peek-a-boo openings for the middle toes, there is a smorgasbord of designs that seek to free your tootsies. For a look at how creative designers have gotten with this look, check out Victoria Beckham’s open-toed boats, Bottega Veneta’s square-toe mules, or The Row’s simple slingback sandals.

Platform Shoes

Not everyone likes wearing sandals or bearing their toes in the summer. The good news is that big, chunky platform pumps and loafers are in, and they come in all colors and patterns. One of the hottest designs about is Gucci’s horse buckle platform loafers, in vintage Gucci print.

Summer 2024 looks to be a fantastic season for those into designer footwear. From open-toed sandals to pointy boots, there truly is a different design for every occasion. Whether simple flats or high-heeled pieces are your speed, you will undoubtedly find something that reflects the latest fashion trends while also expressing your personality to the full.

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