5 Tricks To Make Yourself Look Better In Photos

5 Tricks To Make Yourself Look Better In Photos

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The increasing emphasis on social media makes looking good in photos important. Photos will always be an element to record memories, whether doing daily chores or getting together with family for special events or the holidays. Sadly, not all look good in photos, but there are ways to get by this predicament.  

Nowadays, you can readily take photos using your phone. You can also use an Instax camera to get hard copies of all your moments. If you want to ensure you have adequate supplies, check out the choices at instax and polaroid film stores

Here are several straightforward hacks that can help you create great photos wherever you go.  

Analyze Your Photos  

An initial task to keep in mind if you want to look good in your photos is carefully analyzing your previous shots. Take a close look at all the photos, especially the ones that look good and those that don’t seem photogenic. Try to figure out the factors that contribute to the outcome of your photos.  

Depending on your photos, you might notice that your photo looks better when you wear certain clothes or if your hair is styled in a specific manner. Certain angles make you look unappealing in photos, while some shots look good, especially if you’re able to smile. You need to note down what you need to do to look great in your photos and what you need to avoid.  

If you blink in most of your photos, there’s a tip to remember. Try to close your eyes right before taking a photo and slowly open them before the click of the camera.  

Utilize The Appropriate Lighting 

In photography, the right lighting plays an important role in getting good photos. With this in mind, the right lighting is a must.  

If you prefer photos under the sun, it may be best to go for overcast. Taking photos under direct sunlight can result in awkward shadows on your face if you’re in the wrong position. 

As for indoor lighting, try to avoid positioning directly under a light source since it can cause a similar effect. To get a good photo, try to face a natural light source, such as a window.  

When red-eye has been an issue with your photos, it’s likely to happen if you take photos in low ambient light. You can avoid red-eye under such conditions by gazing straight at a light source before taking a shot. Doing so helps shrink your pupils to avoid the red-eye effect. 

Apply The Right Makeup 

If you want to take your photos to a new level, makeup is crucial. One of the basics is the foundation, ideally the right shade that perfectly matches your skin tone. A concealer will also come in handy if you have any blemishes to conceal. Apply a translucent powder for areas on your face prone to oiliness, such as the nose and cheeks. 

Make An Effort To Practice Your Pose 

If you want to look appealing in your photos, practicing your poses may be the key to ensuring you look good. Remember that practicing your pose and how you smile will greatly help you become more photogenic.  

The ideal approach is to practice in front of a mirror or using your camera. Doing so will help you figure out the best poses, angles, and smiles. You can experiment with different poses and practice how you angle your body in familiar positions that you can produce in front of a camera.  

Most individuals look good in photos when they slightly angle their heads instead of facing front. The reason for the angling is it helps add depth to your features and ensures a flattering outcome. As for your smile, check out if you look better with your mouth closed or open or if you want to include a muted or a big smile. 

Style Your Hair  

If you notice in most photos, your hair truly stands out. As one of the prominent elements in a photo, your hair should be ready for the camera. When you have unruly flyways, the camera flash can highlight them. Applying a serum or pomade is the best way to control your hair. Don’t forget to add a touch of shine to your hair so it will not appear dull.  

Once you’re ready to take a selfie or go through a formal photo shoot, refresh your hair. Switch your head upside down and jostle it with your hands. The technique will inject volume and prevent your hair from looking flat in your photos. 

Final Thoughts 

When taking photos nowadays, it’s important to look good, especially if you love to share them on social media. Whether you take photos using your phone or an Instax camera, make it a priority to get great-looking shots. These pointers will guide you if you need help getting good shots. The combination of the essential elements and making an effort to practice will ensure you’ll always look good in all your photos.

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