5 Types Of Marketing You Can’t Ignore

In Fashion Marketing by Melissa Shea

Marketing is now one of the broadest terms we use because when we say marketing, we are actually speaking about over 40 different types. Each type will have benefits and drawbacks based on the industry it is going to be used for, as well as different costs and success rates. 

There are some types of marketing that cannot be ignored if you want to push for success, no matter how big or small your company is. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the types of marketing that no company should be without right now. No matter what you sell from SaaS services to lipsticks – you should be writing about it. Content marketing covers the creation, publishing (blogs, social media, and others), and distribution of content to your audience. 

The idea behind content marketing is to help buyers make decisions, learn about the product, and to help them make the purchase. 

An editorial calendar and a wordsmith will be your tools of choice here. 

Digital Marketing

The exact opposite of traditional marketing, everything digital comes under this subtitle. Everything that lives online will be handled here. It covers social media, websites, search engines, influencer campaigns, and more. 

Any digital points that you can engage with your audience will be digital marketing

A strategy, someone who is up on trends, and a dedicated team or person can handle this one. 

Buzz Marketing 

Going viral can be a dream for many companies – although small companies are rarely ready for mass buyers. Buzz marketing is the technique that is used to push products into viral status and leverage word-of-mouth, influencers, and FOMO. 

Buzz works best when you have a few influencers with sneak peeks and unboxing to get audiences excited and searching for the product. Use social listening apps to keep track, and then keep cranking up the interest until launch time. 

Word of Mouth 

Tough to get right, but when it works, Buzz marketing is the outcome, and so is going viral. WOM is incredibly powerful since around 89% of online shoppers read reviews before making a decision. 

For this to work, your marketing team will need to create interesting and share-worthy content; you should have referrals and VIP programs and be quick to get reviews after purchase. 

Cause Marketing

Tying your brand to a cause that aligns with your vision and ethos and sharing your audiences. Making percentages of purchases go towards charities or limited edition items that go towards a charity. 

To make this one work, it should be a natural fit and be beneficial to the charity too. You’ll need to work on good storytelling and a purpose and create content around the partnership – as well as decide how long it will last. 

And also, do a lot of research so that any issues are avoided (things like bad press, bad CEOs, and other controversies that you’d like to avoid). 

Your brand strategy will have a huge part to play in what types of marketing will work best for you, but the five above are worth deep consideration based on their effectiveness; here is the best guide to getting branding right: From A to Z: Crafting an Effective Branding Strategy – Fashion Mingle

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