Tips for Dressing Up for Job Interviews

6 Tips for Dressing Up for Job Interviews

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Making an excellent first impression at a job interview can increase your chances of landing that dream position. Did you know that you can hedge your bets even further just by dressing appropriately for the occasion? Taking pains with regards to your physical appearance shows that you’re a professional who’s ready to be taken seriously. Show them that you’re the right person for the job with these 6 tips:

Do know what the dress code is where you’ll be interviewing. 

In addition to compelling credentials, most recruiters are on the lookout for candidates that they feel will be a good fit for the company. More often than not, they will prioritize applicants who give off the distinct impression that they’ll be able to assimilate into the company’s culture with ease. Dressing the part leverages your chances of being considered for the organization you want to be working for. It shows the interviewers that you’re enthusiastic about the position and makes it easier for them to view you as a member of the team.

It only takes a bit of online sleuthing to determine what a company’s dress code is. Look up their official website and social media profiles and take note of what the people in their photos are wearing. If you can’t find anything useful on the internet, consider the industry that the organization is in.

Don’t disregard the details. 

Of course, just because the industry is a bit more laid back and informal doesn’t mean that you should show up to a job interview in ripped sweatpants and an old t-shirt. Even if the organization’s official dress code is casual, you should still make an effort to dress to impress. Never wear anything damaged to a job interview, regardless of the company’s industry or field. Make sure that everything you do wear is clean and both stain- and wrinkle-free.

In the absence of a dress code, go with what you’d wear to a sit-down restaurant. These are clothes that should be nice enough for polite company but are still quite comfortable. When still in doubt, err on the dressier side of business casual: collared shirt and trousers that aren’t jeans should do the trick nicely, especially when paired with freshly-shined shoes and the best dress socks for men.

Do focus on the fit. 

Interview-appropriate attire has little to do with what’s trendy at the moment. If you aren’t wearing a suit, you’re usually going with simple workwear essentials such as dress shirts and dress pants for the occasion.

Since you’re only wearing basics, it’s worth putting some effort towards making sure that they fit you well. Your shirt collar should neither be too loose nor too tight; the perfect fit is when you can slip 2 fingers between your neck and collar comfortably. The shoulder seam should actually rest on your shoulder, no higher and no lower! The shirt should also fit around your torso comfortably without straining or billowing excessively around your chest and waist.

If it’s too hard to visualize how your clothes should fit while you shop, just get your clothes tailored. A skilled tailor will be able to alter your shirts, trousers, and jackets to look as though they’ve been custom-made to your form and shape, enabling you to show off your best assets.

Don’t be too flashy.

Research shows that colors can have a significant impact on both our mood and how others respond to us. Given that the job interview is your chance to make a first impression on the company, it’s worth stacking the cards in your favor to ensure that you leave a positive but impactful one.

Most style experts recommend wearing monochromatic shades such as black, white, and gray, as well as earthy tones such as dark greens and muted browns to your next job interview. Pastels such as light blue and blush are acceptable as well. These are all colors that are restful to the eyes and do not attract too much attention. Steer clear of yellows, oranges or red, as these colors can be seen as aggressive and flamboyant.

Do go for a trim. 

Showing up to a job interview wearing your most expensive Sunday best won’t mean much if your hair, skin, and nails aren’t up to par. Consider going in for a trim or a haircut a few days before the interview. While you’re there, you might also want to get your beard or mustache trimmed and appropriately shaped to your face. A quick nail cleaning or a manicure can’t hurt, either! Being clean and well-groomed will prevent employers from drawing negative conclusions about your hygiene.

Dressing up appropriately for a job interview is about much more than merely keeping up appearances. Arriving to an interview dressed well and looking put together shows that you respect the company and the person taking the time out to speak with you. It also keeps your interviewer from being distracted by your appearance, enabling them to focus on your skills and qualifications.

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