7 Essentials for a Beach Getaway

7 Essentials for a Beach Getaway

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Going on a trip to the beach is exciting, but like most planned trips it requires planning and preparation. To get the most fun out of your beach getaway, here are seven essentials to take with you.

1. SPF 30 Sunscreen

When you’re spending time in the sun all day, you need to protect your skin accordingly. Even if you tend to tan easily, exposing yourself to sunshine for a significant amount of time can be hard on the skin. Take measures to protect your skin by using a high-quality SPF 30 sunscreen.

2. A Bathing Suit

This one is obvious, but in the spirit of not forgetting to pack something, yes, remember to bring the most important summer fashion essential: your bathing suit. It might even be easier to wear your bathing suit under your clothes so you can head into the water faster.

If you want to wear something suitable for in and out of the water, consider womens board shorts to wear as bottoms over a one-piece bathing suit.

7 Essentials for a Beach Getaway

7 Essentials for a Beach Getaway

3. Beach Towels and Blankets

Bring at least one sunbathing towel for every towel you plan on using after going into the water. Whether you plan to sunbathe or splash around like a fish, you’re going to need clean towels to wipe down sand and saltwater. You’ll also need a place to sit or lay down, which is where bringing extratowels and blankets comes in handy.

4. Sunglasses and Sandals

To keep the sun out of your eyes, bring your fashionista sunglasses with you to the beach. For days when it’s extra sunny out, go with tinted sunglasses to reduce your exposure to the sun’s glare.

If you plan on walking on the boardwalk without getting your shoes wet, go with sandals or flip-flops so your feet can dry without ruining your shoes.

5. A Cooler With Snacks and Water

Spending the day at the beach means you’ll need to stock up on thirst-quenchers and snacks.

Go for electrolyte-infused water to replenish any minerals you’ve lost in sweat and stick with fruits and granola bars as light snacks that won’t bother you while you’re swimming. Stock all your goodies in a portable cooler, so everything stays cold while you’re out in the sun.

6. A Change of Clothes

After spending time in the water or sand, you might want to change into a fresh pair of clothes to enjoy the beach without being covered in grainy sand and seawater. Bring a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to change into.

If you plan on staying into the evening, it would be a good idea to bring a hoodie or sweatshirt to stay warm. Don’t forget fresh underwear and socks as well! Pretend it’s Miami Swim Week and bring enough clothing to host your own summer runway.

7. Beach Toys for Sandcastles

Bring your shovel and pail with you to make sandcastles in the sand. You can also use your bucket to collect any seashells you find while walking on the beach. Once you get home, you can rinse them off and create a seashell collection!

This is an excellent activity for parents and their kids to do together. Look for cool finds like moonstone and sea glass. If you’re lucky, you might even find a sand dollar or two!

Prepare for Your Beach Getaway

Beach getaways are fun for the whole family. Still, they require a lot of packing and planning ahead to ensure that everything is ready to go. Use the above list as a checklist as you prepare for your next beach getaway.  

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