7 Tips To Achieve Healthy-Looking, Bouncy Hair

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Healthy-looking hair is a woman’s crowning glory. Luscious locks are signs of good health and beauty and can help boost self-confidence. But making every day a good hair day can be challenging for most, especially those who lead busy lives.

Unsurprisingly, the global hair and scalp care market, valued at USD$ 80.81 billion in 2020, is projected to grow 6.6% from 2021 to 2028 due to a robust and rising demand for hair care. Products like shampoo, conditioner, masks, and serums flood the market, and salons offer multiple hair treatment procedures to their clients. 

But is it possible to have naturally healthy and bouncy hair without spending too much time and money? Check this blog for valuable tips on having awe-inspiring locks. 

  • Invest In Proper Hair Care 

While going with a certain brand can narrow your options, picking a product that matches your hair type can lead you to an even better choice.    

Spot the right ingredients 

Care instructions slightly differ from one type of hair to another. For instance, dry and damaged hair needs more moisture from common sources like avocado oil, coconut oil, argan oil, tea tree oil, and aloe vera. Conversely, oily hair can benefit better from clarifying shampoo to remove excess grease and residue. 

Choose the right styling products 

When using a hair straightener, choose products infused with ingredients that don’t damage your tresses, like the items on this page. In picking a hair styling tool, go for ones with ionic technology to help retain moisture and prevent heat from drying your hair. Avoid chemical treatments to preserve your hair’s natural health. 

  • Develop Healthy Hair Habits  

Instead of regular salon trips, developing healthy hair care habits is better for achieving naturally healthy hair. Consider the following: 

Use hair conditioner  

Applying hair conditioner protects and moisturises your hair, creating a barrier that keeps contaminants away. Rinsing the product after a few minutes with cold water helps preserve moisture. 

Use a silk pillowcase 

Cotton is a natural absorbent, and it can make your hair dry by sucking out your hair’s moisture as you sleep on them. Conversely, silk can preserve moisture and reduces frizz by minimising friction. 

Trim your hair regularly 

Having your hair cut every few weeks removes split ends that can lead to further damage. 

Be gentle with your hair 

While combing helps release your hair’s natural oils, doing it vigorously, especially after bathing, can worsen the damage. Additionally, washing your hair with shampoo daily can dry out your hair, especially if it contains harsh chemicals.   

  • Embark On a Healthy Diet 

A healthy diet can do much more than keep your body in good shape. Getting enough nutrients can boost your locks and help prevent hair loss. A healthy hair diet, which pushes for healthy doses of Vitamin C, essential fatty acids, protein and Vitamins B6 and B12, can make your hair bouncy and shiny. 

Eating green vegetables and fruits, nuts, eggs, salmon, soybeans, and dairy products can boost your hair’s health. Trace minerals like biotin, zinc, iron and magnesium can strengthen your hair strands.   

  • Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Besides facilitating the body’s vital processes such as digestion, temperature control, and bone and joint lubrication, among many others, being well-hydrated also helps keep your skin and hair in top shape. Drinking water can also help prevent brittle hair and scalp problems.  

  • Manage Stress Better 

Stress can impact hair health and even cause hair loss. When left uncontrolled, your hair follicles can get into a resting phase, preventing your hair from growing new strands and shedding more than usual.    

Practicing stress management techniques helps prevent this from happening. Breathing exercises, meditation, yoga and cognitive behavioral therapy are worth looking into. Besides keeping stress under tabs, doing so can also help maintain healthy locks. 

  • Avoid Too Much Heat 

Heat can dry not only your skin but your hair too. Too much of it can eventually damage your hair. Besides using hair stylers with ionic technology, you can also protect your strands by using leave-in serums and conditioners before styling them. Using blow dryers with cold setting can also help mitigate hair drying and damage.  

  • Take Care Of Your Scalp 

Taking care of the scalp is key to promoting healthy hair. Unhealthy hair is often accompanied by scalp problems like dryness, irritation, itching or dandruff. Hair follicles grow deep into the scalp and produce oil to keep them moisturised. Any imbalance in the scalp area can lead to problems, which affect the hair too. 

Massaging your scalp and rinsing your hair with cold water can remove residue, relieve the itch, and regulate sebum production, preserving and restoring scalp health. 


Your hair’s vitality is directly linked to your physical health. Eating right, managing stress well and paying more attention to your tresses can transform your limp and lifeless hair. Besides tweaking some aspects of your habits and lifestyle, investing in the right products can also help.

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