9 Pro Tips for Styling Long Skirts

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Long skirts are trending, and you might be trying to figure out the best ways to wear them. While many women make wearing maxi skirts effortless, others struggle to find the right look. You have to pay attention to a few details when you wear long skirts, but the results are stunning when you figure it out. Long skirts are perfect for so many occasions that you want to get this right.

1. Your Maxi Skirt Type

There isn’t just one type of long skirt. Long skirts come in different patterns, shapes, and styles; some probably fit your body type better than others. 

  • Flared– these skirts have folds of material that open out when you twirl around.
  • Gypsy are multi-tiered, long, flowing skirts best for a Bohemian style.
  • Denim– usually made from blue jean denim, these skirts are classics.
  • Knit Jersey– form-fitting knit fabric skirt
  • A-line– this skirt fits at the waist and then flows down in an A shape.
  • Broomstick– these are full, gathered skirts with a wrinkled look 
  • Side slit– narrow skirts with a side slit on one or both sides that allows freedom of movement

When choosing long skirt outfits, start with the right type of maxi skirt for the best look. 

2. Find the Right Length

Maxi skirts fall somewhere between the middle of your calf to your ankle. Where a particular skirt falls on your leg depends on your body type and how long your legs are, affecting your looks. Use the golden ratio concept to choose the right skirt length for the best styling results.

3. Maintain Your Style

Do you have a clearly defined style? When you choose a long skirt type, choose one that fits your overall fasion preferences for the best results. What are you waiting for if you don’t have a personal style? Don’t let the clearance rack or impulsive purchases define your style.  It’s easy to find online style guides and quizzes to help you. 

4. Watch Your Waist

You not only need to choose the best skirt for your body type, but you also need to pay attention to your waist. You might want to show off your curves by tucking in your top and choosing a skirt that fits you at your natural waistline, but if you’re trying to hide a bulge, select one that is more flowing and sits lower on your hips.

5. Top it Off

The success of your maxi skirt outfit will depend significantly on the top you choose to go with it. First, decide what kind of look you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to make a statement or look glamorous? Maybe you are feeling creative and quirky or flirty and fun. You’ve already decided to wear a long skirt. Now, the top you choose is going to define the look. A crop top doesn’t mean you have to show a lot of skin. Crop tops look great with a long skirt. When you pair it with a high-waisted maxi, you get a combination that allows your skirt to get noticed. If you have any doubts about what top to choose, you can always wear a plain white or black shirt. White shirts of all kinds go well with many types and colors of long skirts. Black blouses are another excellent choice.

6. Jackets with Long Skirts

If you have a denim jacket that isn’t getting enough attention, pair it with any maxi skirt. Denim goes with everything, and when it comes to finding something to go with a floral print, denim is an excellent choice. With the right maxi, a leather jacket can add just the right edginess to your outfit.

7. Sweaters and Skirts

Long skirts are great for cooler weather, and you can pair them with a sweater for instant success. The texture of sweaters gives you a lot of room to play with different styles. For example, choose a sweater with a low neckline and pair it with a side slit maxi; it can even work for a night on the town. 

8. Layer with Leggings

Here’s where you can get really creative. Turn heads when you wear a see-through skirt with leggings underneath. Add some knee-high boots to this ensemble, and you’re going in style. Layering with leggings will also keep your legs warmer in cold weather.

9. Less is More

“Less is more” is a fashion and style maxim that applies more than ever to maxi skirts. You want to draw attention to your long skirt, not detract from it. Once you choose your long skirt, design the rest of the outfit with this maxim in mind. Your jewelry, footwear, and tops should enhance your maxi skirt’s look.


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