A Complete Travel Checklist for the Summer

A Complete Travel Checklist for the Summer

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Finally, the summer break is here! You’ve probably been waiting for this since…. well, last summer ended. You also most likely have a ton of summer vacation plans put in place as well as more ideas for the rest of the season.

But there are always numerous other things running through your head to guarantee a smooth trip. The accommodation and the air tickets are the given but what about the little things you’ll need along the way? Not to mention the dreaded packing to check off the to-do list.

Although, travel preparations and packing can be fun once you get into the rhythm. But it’s the most effortless when you already have an extensive checklist. So, we took the liberty of making a selection of all the bases you might have forgotten to cover.

1. Check your travel papers


After a long time in the drawer during the pandemic, your passport may finally see the light of day. But sadly, it may just have reached its expiry date. It’s easy to forget the tiny details when you’re busy planning for the more obvious transportation and activities while you’re there.

That being said, it’s best to check the validity of your documents at the onset of planning your trip. This way, you can make time to arrange for the renewal processes. This applies to your travel insurance too. Be sure to review the coverage of your insurance plan so you can upgrade it to fit activities that are relevant to your trip.

You also want to check the requirements for the country you’re traveling to. You could then compile a list of documents you must take into account when traveling abroad. As a precaution, prepare your documents in soft and hard copies and make a few copies of the original while you’re at it.

2. Secure your healthcare


Different countries come with different concerns. Make sure you get the appropriate vaccines for your destination before you leave. This is to ensure you don’t contract anything which could potentially affect your whole trip.

On the subject of medication, remember to pack your pills but also bring them as they were originally packed along with the prescription from your doctor or pharmacist. Also, to avoid any unwanted complications at the airport, check the embassy guidelines for carrying controlled medication.

And, of course, there are the little things that make a huge difference. At the top of that list, we have mosquito repellent. Reader’s Digest suggests that plasters and antiseptics are also among the stuff you could include in your first aid kit.

3. Make your toiletries fun-sized


A Complete Travel Checklist for the Summer

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If you’re not a fan of hotel toiletries, you’ll probably want to bring your very own preferred products. But you’re only going to be away for a while, so you don’t want to carry full-sized shampoo and lotion bottles which will take up space in your luggage. Having multipurpose travel-sized containers is extremely helpful in solving both these issues.

Additionally, if you’re a contact lens wearer, don’t forget to pack your contact lens solution as well as your glasses for the end of the day. Also, along with your makeup products and brushes, remember to pack your go-to skin care products. This will come in handy to keep your skin clean and rejuvenated after all the sightseeing but, most importantly, hydrated and protected despite constantly being under the hot summer sun.

4. Bring your electronics


The last thing you want is a boring flight. To ensure that you’re entertained when you’re not busy falling asleep, pack your electronics in your carry-on. Then, you can either get some work done or go the fun route and watch a movie instead. While we’re on the subject of electronics, here’s where we add the reminder to bring the respective chargers for your devices as well as adapters just in case you can’t find the right outlet.

But more than anything, bringing your noise-canceling headphones would give you tremendous benefit. You can finally have your movie moment of listening to music and looking out the airplane window. Although, the main motivation to bring your headphones is to avoid the noise from passengers on the flight.

There’s no doubt that you’ll have your phone on your person. Aside from the basic communication purposes, you’ll need it for taking all the classic summer vacation pictures. Some opt for their DSLR camera, but for a change of aesthetic, you could also bring your Polaroid camera and experiment with it.

5. Know your destination


A summer trip is all about exploring the ins and outs of a new place, but it’s also best to be somewhat informed about the place you’re visiting. Knowing your destination includes being aware of what the weather will be like while you’re there. This way, you can pack appropriately and plan your daily activities well. For instance, scheduling morning beach trips will be a good idea if you’re expecting rainy evenings.

Checking directories and looking up reviews of the places you plan to explore will help you avoid bad experiences on your trip. Thanks to the kind people who pour their heart and soul into online reviews, you may even stumble upon some good suggestions of when it is best to go and how to make the most out of the attractions. You can find reviews like this on trustworthy sites like TripAdvisor, Agoda, and Trivago.

6. Change your currency


To make the most of your money’s worth, exchange currencies beforehand while you’re still in your country. Plus, doing this saves you the hassle of finding a money changer at a place you barely know. For convenience, you could even opt for a prepaid currency card with options for multiple currencies, which means that you can re-use the card whenever you travel abroad.

7. Prepare to be on-the-go


Your trip will probably heavily consist of beach trips because it is summer vacation after all. So, it will be helpful to pack a bag for all your beach essentials like beach towels, a change of clothes, and a book if reading by the beach is your thing. Another tip, a cooler bag is going to be your best friend for picnics at the beach because you can keep drinks cold and fruits fresh while you’re out the whole day.

Now your pre-vacation checklist is pretty much complete. It isn’t all that bad. Now, you’ll have less looming worry about travel contingencies you haven’t covered and leaving behind items that you should’ve thrown into your luggage. With a solid guide, you’ll be making more stops along the way throughout the summer holidays. Just don’t forget your sunblock, and you’ll be fine!

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