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Art Hearts Fashion Opens Up Swim Week Season in Los Angeles

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Art Hearts Fashion hosted Los Angeles Swim Week from June 11th to June 14th, the event being a partnership between Fashion Techworks and The New Mart, the venue where the event was hosted. Four consecutive days of shows took place a few weeks before Miami Swim Week, the result being a highly successful event attracting a plethora of buyers to the West Coast’s fashion capital. Twenty-three brands displayed their Swim collections, including Natalia Fedner, Mister Triple X, Custo Barcelona, Carmen Steffens, and Nike Swim. While work was focused on the runway, guests also enjoyed happy hours with music, appetizers, drinks, and pop-ups from Carmen Sol, Cross Colours, and Cheeterz Club

First night was a busy Saturday in Downtown Los Angeles, and Bellaria was the first brand to open, followed by Sugar Puss and the magnificent Merlin Castell. The first night’s second part saw Vichi Swim, Keppi Fitness, and Kentaro Kameyama displaying their brands’ creations. The broad range of pieces displayed included various modern cuts paired with classic colors and accessories, as well as more contemporary swimwear with vibrant colors, edgy patterns, and lots of golden. Inspiration for those who love innovation. Tailoring on resort wear attire was supremely well-conceived and provided for elegant movement. Matching floor-length and strategic openings in the back, around the stomach, or right below the waist, these designs offered a subtle and chic sensuality, perfect for a beach day, cruise, or resort vacation.

Gyv Me Body opened up the second night with hot colors and glamorous, shimmery details, followed by Bad Sisters‘ collection in which the play of the patterns were poppingly eye-catching. The look demonstrated in the brand’s image below shone brilliantly in the spotlights: the sharp design of the collar complemented the delicacy of the short skirt and classic botanical motif, and the thigh-high boots and corset matched the skirt set in a look that dared anybody to doubt. The show continued with Body Glove and Bikini Beach, and with Alexis Monsanto and Natalia Fedner (see featured image). Every Alexis Monsanto model wore clothing of dreamlike weightlessness, and headpieces simulating butterflies flying round the head. Ukrainian-born designer Natalia Fedner, off in another direction, showed her specialization in metal couture, leaving guests speechless.

Second to last day of shows began with Lybethras on the runway, showing adaptations of known swimwear models with specialized tailoring and shaping. Then Carmen Sol presented designs alongside accessories in the exhibition at their pop-up, focusing on hats and bags made of high-quality Italian PVC. The first block of the event finished with Bishme Cromartie, whose creations emphasized shoulders, as seen on a shawl arm sleeve piece, and resort-wear dresses. Patterns created with the brand’s initials vibrated with originality, many pieces being made with scale patterns, these being true showstoppers.

Finally, Keefer Madness and Mister Triple X closed out the night with more stunning summerlike designs in robes, dresses, shorts and vests. And neutral and natural tones that fit languid Summer activities like nothing else.

Los Angeles Swim Week

Mister Triple X

Los Angeles Swim Week was so compelling day-by-day that with the exaggerated flight of time completion on Tuesday arrived via a blur of color and light. The fast-paced event entertained attendees with powerfully moving music which anticipated the new season, including Brazilian music providing tropical heat to the occasion. After happy hour mingling it was time to check out Remnant Bikinis and My Club, with contemporary quality designs and stylishness on the catwalk. It was noticeable that many of these pieces are a go-to for anyone who chooses a swimwear model, focusing as they do on beautiful form in addition to how a tan after a sunny day will look on the skin. My Club presented an entire line of resort wear attire wrought of light fabrics constantly simulating motion and so well-considered that they are suitable both for relaxed occasions and fancy events. Brazilian designer brand Carmen Steffens was a delight, bringing a range of light colors in Summer dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, and even a three-piece blazer set. Compositions were akin to what an afternoon might feel like on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, accompanied by dreamy bossa nova and sumptuous tropical dishes and cocktails.

Then Custo Barcelona effected an environment with their famous graphic designs imprinted on youthful garments. In addition to an intriguing jumpsuit in white and variations of green tones, there were dresses in various forms: sleeveless, sleeves short and long, and slit models. Nike and Cross Colours showed not only swimwear but also activewear and streetwear pieces. The oversized yellow jacket was magnificently fulsome, and the male models’ short shorts were likewise. Nike’s bikinis and one-piece swimsuits were well-structured and conceived in a basis of versatility and comfort.

As always, Los Angeles Swim Week 2022 was a spectacular runway event, and both the renowned and up-and-coming designers did an impressive job with all the looks that were so artfully presented during the four days of fashion shows. Next up is Miami Swim Week, this coming July 14-21, 2022. Stay tuned to Fashion Mingle’s social media accounts for the opportunity to attend these and other events!

Los Angeles Swim Week

Cross Colours

Photos by Arun Nevader/Getty Images.


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