Art Meets Fashion: Tara Babylon's SS24 Collection Shines at New York Fashion Week

Art Meets Fashion: Tara Babylon’s SS24 Collection Shines at New York Fashion Week

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Tara Babylon, the British-Iraqi designer and performance artist based in New York City, displayed her Spring/Summer 2024 collection at New York Fashion Week. Babylon, an alumna of Central Saint Martins and Parsons, has cemented her place in the fashion world with a gender-fluid ready-to-wear brand that celebrates color, craft, textiles, and performance art. Her collection is a captivating blend of floral inspiration and textile experimentation.

The pieces breathe new life into summer staples, drawing inspiration from pastel colors, floral prints, and repurposed fabrics. The result is a collection that radiates a sense of airiness and freshness, offering a delightful departure from the conventional. Tara Babylon’s sustainable practices are evident as she repurposes materials and employs innovative techniques.

Mixed materials take center stage, creating quintessential summer pieces that harmonize with one another. Soft, breathable cotton and linens form the foundation of these garments, their textures carefully crafted through intricate handweaving. While gentle, the resulting fabrics captivate with their originality and tactility.

Tara Babylon’s signature techniques are woven into this sustainability-conscious wardrobe. Safety-pin crochet, embroidery, t-shirt recycling, and braiding make appearances, infusing the pieces with a sense of artistry and individuality. These techniques add depth and dimension to the work.

In keeping with her textile innovation and working towards reducing fashion’s environmental footprint, Babylon’s brand has introduced recycled car tires as a material for latex footwear. Additionally, the brand has patented safety pins and elastic weaving techniques.

Tara Babylon’s Spring/Summer 2024 designs offer a respite from the mundane, inviting wearers to embrace the season in style. The collection exudes a sense of ease and relaxation while maintaining the designer’s signature flair for artistic expression.

Tara Babylon’s dedication to preserving handmade techniques and artisanal craftsmanship in the fashion industry is commendable, setting her apart as a designer in an era dominated by mass production.

Photo credit: Jean Toir

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