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Square Earth Studio Covers NYFW Spring 2013 Collections

In marketingby Melissa Shea

There are few things photographers and videographers dream of more than covering New York Fashion Week. The invitation-only, exclusive event happens only twice a year and getting a chance to shoot at the end of the runway is dream come true for many in the field.

This past season we had the distinct pleasure of providing that access to the Austin, TX company, Square Earth Studio, owned by videographer Marco Gutierrez and photographer Maryna Martson. As award-winning photographers, Marco and Maryna are known for their commitment to mission critical assignments. From hanging out of a helicopter to film a Red Bull ad to shooting underwater for Vogue Italia, there is nothing this pair won’t do to get the shot!

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NYFW: My Last View of Betsey Johnson From the Pit

In Behind-the-Scenesby Melissa Shea

Each time I come to New York Fashion Week I have a list in my head of all the shows I want to see that make my heart go pitter-pat, and none get it racing more than Betsey Johnson. She just seems to bring out the most enthusiasm from the press and the crowd because the lady puts on a good show