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Blogger Tips for New York Fashion Week

In Fashion Blogsby Shalanda Turner

Recently I attended my first New York Fashion Week! I participated in the week-long fashion parade as the Style Editor for Fashion Mingle and as my own brand;  Fashion Blogger at Live Life in Style!  Since this was my first time attending NYFW, I had lots of questions! I tried to ask as many questions as possible a head of time and prepare for the unexpected, but you can never prepare for everything! I learned even more tips & tricks while being in New York for the full 8 days of Fashion week.

1. BE NICE – Catching an attitude with anyone will not help your cause. The PR Reps, volunteers, and staff managing the shows are just as stressed, if not more stressed than you. Being courteous and patient really goes a long way and you don’t want to end up blacklisted from future shows and backstage access because of your behavior.

2. BACKPACK –  Since I was also attending Fashion Week as press for, I had to do press coverage. This resulted in carrying around a lot of equipment: cameras, chargers, back up batteries, tripods, phones, laptop, hard drives, etc. The Fashion Blogger in me wanted to carry around a cute clutch every day but this was impractical when it came to carrying around all this stuff, so I invested in a fashionable backpack! I purchased a studded, black leather backpack from Burlington. While it was a great backpack, I think I may have to go slightly bigger this year!  You could opt for a cross-body or a tote, but the one-shoulder support of a cross-body after a few days probably won’t be enough and your back will be mad at you! In regards to the tote, it’s definitely big enough, but then you have to deal with it being on your arm while you’re hands are full with a camera and cell phone. The backpack allows you to place everything on your back and out of the way.  The backpack will also give you a place to put any materials you receive inside the tents from the vendors or from the shows!

3. PERSONAL ITEMS & EQUIPMENT –  While you should always be mindful of your belongings, it’s especially important when traveling to a new place! Especially if the city is as fast paced and big as New York City! I believe the backpack is the best option for carrying around all of your items, however, it will sit on your back…out of your line of vision. I recommend keeping money, your metro card, credit cards and room keys in your pocket or in your shoes, or your bra (whatever works).  NEVER leave your equipment/personal items unattended. That includes phones!

4.  PORTABLE CHARGERS – While cell phone companies are continuously trying to improve battery longevity, your phone will not last through an entire day of fashion week.  You can opt to bring your regular chargers and be stuck at an outlet, or you can invest in a portable charger.  Last year I purchased a MOPHIE case.  This allowed me to be mobile while still charging my phone.  It’s a case that goes around your android or iphone and when your phone is about to die, you flip the switch and it will charge it for you without needing to plug into an outlet.  Definitely a great investment.  If Mophie doesn’t make an option for your phone, there are other brands of portable chargers available.

5. FLASHLIGHT APP – There will definitely be heavy-hitters of the fashion community all around you, and you may want to take advantage of this and do some on-the-spot interviews or snap a picture. However, if you are trying to do this inside the show, the lights are typically very low before and after the show. If you don’t have a camera and need to use your phone to take advantage of these opportunities you’ll want to install the flashlight app. It will illuminate the area, providing better lighting for interviews and photos.

6.  METROCARD – While taking a cab everywhere in New York is fun, it can be pricey.  I invested in a week-long metrocard pass. You can also keep your metrocard when it expires and refill it. If you refill it, you don’t have to pay the fee to purchase a new card.

7. HOP STOP APP – Even if you’re a native New Yorker, navigating the city’s public transportation system can be overwhelming! What with the all the daily service changes, how does anyone keep it straight? Download the Hop Stop App to solve this problem.  The app will tell you how to get anywhere you want to go in New York (or any city) from whereever you are standing at that moment in time via walking, bus, cab or metro. It also updates with services changes too!

8. BUDGET –  Everything is more expensive in New York! Even the dollar menu at McDonald’s isn’t a dollar! However, if you head into one of the many Duane Reade drug stores you can stock up on breakfast bars and drinks that you can carry around in your roomy backpack for  mid-day snacks instead of paying the premium prices for food around Lincoln Center or inside the tents.

9. PERFECT RUNWAY SHOT – There is a trick to getting a great runway shot off of your cell phone.  When you open your phone’s camera app a little square will pop up to focus your picture. Aim the square at the white floor of the runway.  The camera phone will focus on the bright white floor and won’t wash-out the models.

10.  SPARE FLATS – If you plan on wearing heels (like I did…can’t take the Fashion Blogger out of the girl), you’ll want to bring a spare pair of flats. These will of course fit in your backpack :-). There’s a fair amount of standing, walking and even running when it comes to #NYFW and you’ll want the option to change into flats!

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