Charles and Ron FW’20: The Anticipated Collection

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I couldn’t be happier to return to Art Hearts Fashion at the Neo Gothic Angel Orensanz Foundation on Thursday, February 6th 2020 during this season’s New York Fashion Week for my favorite design team from Malta, Charles and Ron! I found a spot in the crowded media pit, and as the dance music played and the crowd filled the seats, the anticipation and excitement to view their latest creations grew strong!

The “Hands of Time” Collection from Charles and Ron

Their FW’20 Collection, “Hands of Time”, is a celebration of the traditional Maltese Clock. This 34 look men’s and women’s collection dazzled the runway! It was everything I expected and more: Elegance, vibrancy, sparkle and flare, and something so unique that only Charles and Ron can bring to the runways of New York City. Every C&R collection is based on Maltese traditions and this one “embodies almost all the elements that C&R have featured in their collections in the past years”, according to the designers. Craftsmanship, fine metal and woodwork, decorative flowers and gold gilding are just a few. Featuring the Maltese Clock, also known as “L’Arlogg Tal-Lira”, it served as both a decorative and utilitarian object originating in the late 17th century, appearing in the homes of the upper class and prominent positions in public places. 

These gorgeous garments are made of silk taffeta, silk twill, velvet, lace, chiffon, pure crepe wool, and organza, with printed denim also in the men’s collection. Glass and crystal hand beadwork are displayed in the clock details and flowers. The lovely color pallet of this collection includes Red Rose, Pink Rose, Antique Gold, Rose Gold, Teal, and Azure Blue, along with their staple Black and soft Winter White. Sand and Sky Blue are added to the menswear. Italian leather bags, hand made in Malta, accompanied the pieces. The most eye and lens catching gowns brought head to toe rose gold sparkle down the runway and into my heart!

Charles & Ron display superior quality and Mediterranean flare. You can shop for their pieces online at or in person at 1 of their 3 stores in Malta. Now I think that’s a great reason to plan a trip!

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