Come One. Come All. Cosplay For All at COSMODA NYFW 2022

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Are you a die-hard Marvel fan? Or do you dabble in pop culture films from time to time? No matter what kind of fan you are, COSMODA fashion shows are for all of us.

Industry norm-shattering plus-sized model and wife of the late comic book genius: Mark Gruenwald, Catherine Schuller, keeps the marvel of movies and comic book characters alive by hosting never-before-seen cosplay fashion shows alongside Daniel Hort. 

COSMODA has infiltrated POP FANDOM communities by providing another option to showcase the many skills and talents that go into embodying your favorite characters. You don’t have to be a super-thin supermodel to strut the runway, and it’s no longer simply about showcasing designer pieces. COSMODA has formulated runway shows like nothing you’ve ever seen.

In the COSMODA-verse, anyone can be a model. Its mission is to “highlight YOU – the artist.” Everyone is welcome to walk the runway by embodying their favorite heroes. Just bring your talent, skills, and passion for POP culture! This season, Catherine Schuller and Daniel Hort present COSMODA NYFW 2022!


A Theatrical and Exhilarating Runway Experience

COSMODA NYFW 2022 disrupted the rigid structure of traditional catwalks. Providing representation of various body types from diverse demographics helps COSMODA to create a friendly and exciting environment for new participants. 

Each cosplayer brought with them to the runway both their character and spirit. Their presentations throughout the show felt like much more than simple demonstrations of their outfits. They were live performances! 

Representation and Inclusivity MATTER

A personal favorite of mine was a unique and modern rendition of the classic movie character Queen of Hearts. Everything from the hair to the makeup down to the crinoline and the striking red pumps had me in awe. 

As a Black-female avid manga reader and anime fan, I know too well the struggle to find representation and companions within fandom spaces. Black cosplayers are often ridiculed and humiliated for cosplaying characters that don’t appear to be of the same race. Watching this display of their version of the character felt extremely comforting. 

Another wonderful display of Black beauty and talent COSMODA introduced to the audience was a musical Bajan pair. 


One ignited the crowd with the drum and the other danced while miraculously balancing the breathtaking back piece in heels! The contrast between their light and dark outfits further produced a visually uniting effect that made their in-sync performance appealing. 

More to Come?

After the COSMODA NYFW 2022 show, I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with Daniel Hort about its future. There is enormous potential in its expansion, so I desperately wanted to hear his ideas about the creative direction moving forward.

As a huge anime fanatic, I was primarily interested in the potential incorporation of anime cosplay. Satisfyingly, he affirmed that anime cosplay will be incorporated soon and to be on the lookout because COSMODA is “gonna be big!”. 

It was a great pleasure to speak with him backstage and to feel his passion for the journey of this exciting brand. COSMODA, the cosplay runway, is the future of fashion. So everyone better pay attention!

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