Krystal was the Featured Makeup Artist and did Covergirl makeovers on Influencers and attendees at the Covergirl Flagship in Times Square. Photographer Keith McCutheon. Photographer Keith McCutheon

Talking Career, Covergirl and Making Women Feel Empowered with Professional Makeup Artist, Krystle Couso

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Krystle Couso is a professional makeup artist and founder of Makeup By Krystal, offering makeup application for weddings and fitness competitions, as well as a full range of beauty services such as eyelash extensions, airbrush tanning, and hair extensions on location and from Salon O in Long Island.

Opening her own business as a makeup artist at the age of 21, Krystal’s work has appeared in magazines, TV shows, on celebrities and at New York Fashion Week. Krystle most recently worked with Fashion Mingle and DCG Public Relations as the featured makeup artist at our Covergirl NYFW Designer Pop Up in Times Square providing the makeup look for Urbana Chappa’s models at the Maison de Urbana NYFW presentation.

Interview with Makeup Artist Krystle Couso:

Fashion Mingle: What inspired you to go to cosmetology school and begin your career as a makeup artist? 

Krystle Couso: When I was younger we were in the era where Baywatch, Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson were blowing up and I loved how they wore a lot of makeup. Their beauty really stood out! I wanted to look like them. I wore braces and had glasses in elementary school and didn’t quite fit in.

I started doing my own makeup to boost my self esteem and emulate the vixens I saw on TV and in all the magazines. I said “I am going to learn how to make myself look like that!” I was really good at makeup at such an early age because I was good at drawing and excelled in art class, so I drew on my face with makeup! When I would go to the bathroom during math class, all the girls followed me and would wait in line for eyeliner and brow shapings (Pamela Anderson’s thin brows were totally in style, so we would tweeze away!) I started doing braids and twisties for girls at cheerleading and after school sports. Then I started charging for it because so many girls were requesting them from me. 

Shortly thereafter, I tried to get a job at MAC Cosmetics when I was 16 years old, but they said I was too young and to come back when I was 18 and had legal working papers. So I went in on my 18th birthday, got the job and explored my passion even further! 

FM: Your have your own makeup business in Long Island, worked as a makeup artist at New York Fashion Week and with celebrities. Where do you want your career as a makeup artist to go in the future?

Krystle: My goals are to continue doing what I love and making women feel empowered, confident, strong, and beautiful. I would like to continue working as a makeup artist for television and print, and focus on growing my Makeup By Krystal YouTube channel, where I can help and inspire women all over the world.

I’ve also found a new passion for healthy eating and would like to help overweight and woman with low self-esteem learn to heal and love themselves from the outside in. Everything starts with self love and we as woman need to learn to love ourselves and the skin we’re in and learn how to take care of it.

FM: You were the Featured Makeup Artist at our Covergirl NYFW Designer Pop Up during New York Fashion Week. Fashion Mingle is all about creating opportunities for the fashion industry to network. How did this event help you expand your professional network?

Krystle: Melissa and Beth [founders of Fashion Mingle] have been Godsent, literally! I adore them, they are such great women and are gifted in meeting people and keeping them in mind with how they can connect them to the next person so everyone can GROW and GLOW together! They are truly amazing at what they do and just connect people naturally!

They also recently introduced me to Dee, who is a very smart businesswoman who is the founder of DCG Public Relations. They partnered up with Fashion Mingle to help put the Covergirl event together and they are working on so many amazing things for the upcoming year. Anyone they connect you with and introduce you to is the real deal. I feel like by meeting these three women, I just discovered gold!

This whole experience has been such a blessing. Everyone who works with Fashion Mingle has been so kind and such a pleasure to work with. I am so thankful to Fashion Mingle for opening up some amazing doors for me and I am excited to see what the future holds! Get connected now, because this is going to be a GOLDMINE! Let’s GROW and GLOW together!

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Featured MUA Krystle Couso at the Covergirl NYFW Designer Pop Up

Photos by Oliver Archer and Keith McCutheon.