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Digifair is empowering fashion designers by joining fabric sourcing and technology

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Digifair is a unique digital platform for textile professionals that allows fashion designers and textile buyers to easily request fabrics and materials and then connects them with suppliers who match their specific needs.  The platform is free and there is no minimum order quantity requirement, thereby giving fashion designers a voice – be they small entrepreneurs or medium-sized businesses. In addition, Digifair covers delivery for buyers or suppliers and offers payment alternatives to buyers.  We were thrilled to sit down with Digifair’s CEO Arnaldo Goldemberg to learn more about this exciting newcomer to the fashion industry.

Fashion Mingle: How did the idea of Digifair come about?

Arnaldo Goldemberg: The idea came from a professional who has been working in the sector for more than 40 years.  He used to attend the most important textile trade shows to source fabrics for his business which used to cost a lot of money and team time.  These pains added with financial and MOQ limitations drove him to look for a solution to all these issues.

FM: What problem does Digifair solve?

Arnaldo: Digifair solves the pain experienced by fabric and material buyers who don’t find exactly what they want for their fashion collections or are turned away because their order quantities are too small.  And for those who don’t have the budget to travel in order to source fabric and meet domestic or international suppliers, sourcing can be done online, without leaving the office. We also offer payment alternatives to the buyer by allowing them to pay their purchases off in installments. Both buyers and suppliers are relieved of the logistics of delivery as that we handle this.

FM: What are the top 3 benefits of using the platform to source and make textile requests?

Arnaldo: Sourcing fabrics and materials on the Digifair platform is free and there is no minimum order quantity.  All you have to do is post a fabric or material request (which we call a “demand”) and wait for suppliers to contact you through our chat.

All suppliers have been curated and verified by us and we also have a concierge who monitors each demand, making sure that the buyer receives the best assistance in every step of the process.

Our logistics area ensures safe and guaranteed delivery and our finance depart offers the facility of paying purchases off in installments.

FM: How does Digifair make the fashion chain more creative and inclusive?

Arnaldo: We give a voice to fabric and material buyers by allowing them to demand what they want and to be attended to by suppliers worldwide and with no MOQ. We also make fabric sourcing a 24/7 possibility for all players. Sourcing fabrics and materials digitally takes a disruptive approach to a classic-traditional market and brings innovation to the segment. When fabric buyers (such as fashion designers) are able to find the exact material they are looking for in their collection, there’s no limit to their creativity.

FM: Who is your ideal customer?

Arnaldo: Our audience is mostly made up of, but not limited to, independent fashion designers who we estimate buy around 5,000 meters per year.  There are also product managers, textile buyers, costume designers and fashion consultants. The link between all these profiles is that they are all buyers of fabrics and materials.  They work for themselves (in the case of the independent fashion designer) or for medium- to large-sized companies.

FM: What are the trends and changes that affect your industry?

Arnaldo: Technology has been influencing the whole world’s businesses and it’s not different in the textile sector.  It’s not only a trend but a way that has come to stay and if we are mature enough to use it, we can really benefit from it.  Technology is not only involved in new processes, but in the product itself and is making, for instance, a very traditional market use and adopt a large range of tech-fabrics and make high quality fashion with them.

FM: What can we expect from Digifair in the near future?

Arnaldo: Your best solution for sourcing fabrics and materials. Demanding what you need and leaving the logistics of delivery and relevant cost administration for us to manage. What matters the most to us is your fabric demand. Your efforts should be focused on what you do best: Creating.

Thanks so much to Arnaldo for taking the time to chat with us. Make sure to keep an eye on their blog for all of the latest news. To join this community all you have to do is sign up, make your fabric requests, and algorithms will find you the most suitable suppliers to attend to your needs. And once again, the best part is that it’s free! Get started today by clicking here.

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