ENLY’s Virtual Fit Technology Reduces Returns for Apparel Brands and Helps Create a More Sustainable Fashion Industry

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Fashion Mingle is excited to announce a partnership with ENLY to help bring virtual fit technology directly to independent fashion designers and apparel brands. With the many changes to everyday life that have accompanied COVID-19, none has been more accelerated than the shift to e-commerce. In order for fashion brands to survive and thrive, they will need to be agile and adapt to the digital world faster than ever…starting with developing a superior online customer experience through virtual fit technology. 

Fashion Mingle VIP Member, ENLY is entering the virtual fit space as an innovative service to help shoppers find their fit before ordering online, with the aim of improving the the customer experience and helping brands reduce the number of returns. ENLY CEO Thomas Savransky says that “More than 50% of all items that are bought online are returned, and 60% of shoppers do not come back to your online store if the first item they ordered doesn’t fit well”, demonstrating the critical importance of the first purchase experience for customers. “Covid has accelerated the shift from retail to online shopping. Brands need to invest in a robust digital storefront or get left behind” says Savransky. 

As the cofounder of Fashion Mingle, CEO Melissa Shea says solving the fit issue is the single most important way to help independent apparel brands sell more online. “It’s long been a desire of mine to find a way to solve this problem for fashion designers”. Shea believes that if fit issues can be eliminated, independent fashion designers are poised to take advantage of the trend toward online shopping like never before. “Apparel sales were already moving online, and COVID-19 has only accelerated that trend, but if independent designers can’t compete with the fit technology that has been implemented on major corporate brand websites and apps, independent designers will be left behind and continue to have difficulties in growing their brand”.

How Does ENLY’S Virtual Fit Technology Reduce Returns for Online Sales?

“Shoppers should have the confidence to know they’ll get the right fit the first time, every time” says Savransky. The virtual fit technology that ENLY has created has proven to increase sales, reduce returns, and improve brand sustainability through a comparison of designer’s sizing charts to the ENLY Standard to determine whether the clothing will fit Loose, True-to-Size, or Tight. You can try out the demo’s below to see how ENLY will look on your website.

Without a user-friendly set of size guidelines, it is nearly impossible to avoid returns. ENLY’s virtual fit model includes a customizable heatmap to show shoppers where clothing is tight or loose, and for designers that don’t have a size chart clearly displayed on their page, ENLY also includes a size chart pop-up. An optional Data Partnership add-on for apparel brands also allows ENLY to use return data, customer reviews, and product information to find fit issues and provide monthly progress reports back to their clients, improving the shopping experience and reducing returns even more, over time. 

Savransky says that consumer tastes are shifting, “They want to feel good about what they’re buying instead of dreading the inevitable waste that comes along with getting the wrong size or fit”. ENLY is currently seeking apparel designers and brands who want to expand their online sales and believe in the importance of sustainability, to try out the services for free. 10 designers will be selected for this exclusive Fashion Mingle opportunity, which will allow ENLY to grow their data sets and further refine the accuracy of their measurements so consumers will have more confidence in shopping online with independent designers and brands. 

Fashion apparel brands who have a strong e-commerce business are invited to apply and you will be contacted by Thomas to discuss the opportunity to use the ENLY virtual fit technology for free. You must be a Fashion Mingle member to be considered. Login to check your membership status, or join at www.fashionmingle.com.

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