Fashion Meets History: Negris Lebrum’s Fall-Winter 2023 Collection

Fashion Meets History: Negris LeBrum’s Fall-Winter 2023 Collection

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Negris LeBrum is an iconic luxury fashion brand deeply rooted in American history and culture. The brand was inspired by the true story of a forbidden love affair between a Black man and a light-skinned Creole woman in 1940s Louisiana. The brand’s designer, Travis Hamilton recalls the story of the woman’s courage and boldness by paying homage to her in name and soulful style. The brand’s motto, “By many loved, by all admired,” speaks to Miss Negris’ relationship with her community and Negris LeBrum’s ongoing commitment to delivering meaningful fashion and building customer relationships based on something less ephemeral than momentary taste.

During New York Fashion Week Fall / Winter 2023 season, the designer debuted the Chaussettes luxury sock capsule, filmed and photographed by the renowned celebrity photographer Nigel Barker, modeled by the ChinTwins, and the Negris LeBrum new “Black / White” womenswear collection.

The runway show for the collection was very elegant. The first set of looks featured a black suit with a neckline that exuded both sophistication and androgyny, and another standout outfit was an elegant two-piece with a long-sleeved top and a skirt with a unique combination of four different black and white stripes. The turtleneck and the skirt, which started tighter at the top and became more expansive at the bottom, added a touch of class to the overall look. Additionally, a long-sleeved midi dress was featured, which opened in the front around mid-thigh.

Fashion Meets History: Negris Lebrum’s Fall-Winter 2023 Collection

Fashion Meets History: Negris Lebrum’s Fall-Winter 2023 Collection

Additional looks included an oversized blazer paired with a shirt underneath, revealing a stunning black ribbed turtleneck dress with a well-styled belt accentuating the waist. The look was completed with black heels and socks from the Chaussettes sock collection, creating an illusion of knee-high Negris LeBrum boots, which looked fantastic. A plaid skirt and plaid pants, slightly flared, were also showcased in this set, with the top having logo details. A maxi black dress with an open back and delicate strings that held the dress around the model’s shoulders were one of the most magnificent collection pieces, and it moved around the model’s body with beautiful trim and flow.

Mutayo Ekiye, the high-end Afrocentric-inspired handbag brand, was proud to announce its collaboration with Negris LeBrum during this New York Fashion Week show. The models walked down the runway wearing the brand’s designs, handmade with the finest materials, such as crocodile and caviar genuine leather. Mutayo Ekiye dreams of telling the story of African history through design and having her brand become a household name in fashion.

The designer Mutayo Ekiye is passionate about creating timeless and stylish looks. She has an eye for detail, an impeccable sense of style and an unique and innovative approach to fashion. Comfort, luxury, and originality are the hallmarks of this line of handbags, and the brand’s commitment to durability ensures that each piece will last for years, providing a sustainable and enjoyable experience for every woman.

Negris LeBrum also made a collaboration with the Italian watch brand LOCMAN Italy, founded in 1986 on the island of Elba, Italy, just meters from the sea, which is the source of their inspiration and energy. The company has a distinct Italian DNA and a strong international presence, with distribution in 16 countries across four continents and flagship stores that can be found in cities such as Milan and Florence. The Negris LeBrum partnership with Mutayo Ekiye and LOCMAN Italy is a testament to the power of collaboration and the fusion of different cultural perspectives.

The classic and casual looks in the Black / White collection were made with impressive tailoring and sophistication. The fabrics in the pants moved romantically as the models walked, and the outfit that supermodel Debbie Dickenson wore, paired with a long black coat, was a classic yet fashionable look. A black and white dress with a turtleneck and traditional cut and fit was showcased along with a long silk dress with a layer that opened up on top of the skirt, featuring straight cuts.

The collection also featured some standout pieces, such as the mini-skirt set with transparent balloon sleeves and mesh pants with stone details and lapels. The clothes had a touch of yellow and blue, which added a pop of color to the overall collection. The long blue dress that closed the runway show was an example of the collection’s perfect balance. The dress was the star of the show with long sleeves, an open back, and light and delicate fabric.

Overall, Negris LeBrum once again showcased impressive tailoring and attention to detail in all the looks, ranging from classic and casual to sophisticated and elegant. The runway show perfectly displayed how fashion can blend different styles and patterns, making them work together harmoniously and resulting in a stunning collection.

Negris LeBrum is more than a fashion brand. It was inspired by the triumph of love over the contorted face of deeply American travails. For such, it is committed to innovation, social responsibility, cultural and educational support, expanding its reach and popularity with impeccable pieces and touching whatever it is inside people that lifts them over the obstacles others put in their way.

Photography: Doug Mitchell

Last season, Negris LeBrum debuted its Spring/Summer 2023 collection during New York Fashion Week. The Black to Basic Collection featured many patterns, black and white, red, logos, compression logo socks, and tailoring that provided movement and delicacy to the wearer. The pieces were primarily knee-length or below-the-knee, with gowns that created a magical, feminine aura. The collection also included elements that pulled influences from clothing often considered masculine, such as blazers, lapels, and suspenders, proving that Negris LeBrum is a brand that pushes boundaries and defies traditional gender norms. In addition to its fashion offerings, Negris LeBrum is committed to social responsibility and supports several initiatives promoting peace, education, and culture. The brand is also taking a stand against gun violence, reflecting its belief in the power of fashion to inspire change and make a difference in the world.


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