Fashion Mingle Luncheon Helps Designers Solve Their Biggest Fashion Business Challenges

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Fashion Mingle, a global platform for fashion industry professionals, hosted their first 2022 in-person event with the launch of their Mastermind Luncheon, a new series of events designed to connect fashion designers to Fashion Mingle members who are experts in business, marketing, and product development. The luncheon was held for 30 people at Fashion Bar at Riu Hotel on June 15th where attendees openly discussed their business challenges, shared advice and expertise. 

Fashion designer Regina Kravitz, who is credited with inventing the jumpsuit in the 70s said that the luncheon was “a lovely and inspired event. It had so much energy and so much entrepreneurial endeavor”. 

Pictured above left to right: Flavia Loraque, Yansi Fugel, Alexandria Parkes, Regina Kravitz, Tanya Barajas, Christine Carlson, Analia Escalada, Rafael Romero, Olga Ferrara, Betsy Karp, Elif Akaydin, Wendy Hu, Maria Barraza, Dee Rivera, Shirin Movahed, Melissa Shea, Catherine Schuller, Dalle Noelle, Atalita Moráis.
Photography: Oliver Archer

Fashion Mingle Mastermind Team: Catherine Schuller, Shirin Movahed, Melissa Shea, Dale Noelle, Dee Rivera
Photography: Oliver Archer

The hosts of the luncheon were members of Fashion Mingle’s Mastermind Team which held weekly Mastermind Webinars during Covid, starting one week after the shutdown began in March 2020. Hosting over 60 weeks of virtual meetings, the Mastermind team was thrilled to be face-to-face sharing their expertise in person. Dale Noelle, founder of TRUE Model Management said that “it was great spending time together, learning about everyone, and brainstorming ideas of how we can collaborate to improve each other’s businesses”.

Fashion Mingle asked attendees to choose the topics for which they needed the most advice, and each were seated in small groups at 5 different tables with an expert hosting each topic:

Business Planning – Hosted by Shirin Movahed, KI Legal

Entrepreneurship – Hosted by Dale Noelle, TRUE Model Management

Event planning – Hosted by Catherine Schuller, Cosmoda

Marketing & PR – Hosted by Dee Rivera, DCG Public Relations

Sales Strategy – Hosted by Melissa Shea, Fashion Mingle

Featured Guest: Analia Escalada, Founder of Lookae

In partnership with U.S. State Department’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, the featured guest was Analia Escalada, a Fellow from Uruguay and founder of the Lookae style app. Fashion Mingle was selected to participate in the program that connects entrepreneurs in Latin America with successful companies in the United States. Analia introduced the concept of her app and how she has been mentored by the Fashion Mingle team, learning about the NYC fashion industry, and how to launch her app to the market. The Lookae app is expected to launch in Fall 2022 and will connect designers directly with real customers who can buy their products and show their style directly on the app. 

The event was an empowering environment for all the fashion entrepreneurs, having each other’s back, learning from each other’s strengths, but also the challenges shared by all. Each participant was looking forward to helping each other with ideas, suggestions, or contacts, and growing their businesses together as a community. 

Melissa Shea and Analia Escalada introducing their upcoming projects. Photography: Oliver Archer

Each guest left with a “Fashion Pro on the Go” bag with a resource list and fragrance coolers gifted by Sparti Scents CEO Abby Wallach. The gifts were a must-have for fashion professionals for this hot summer when we need a touch of fresh fragrance on the go.

Melissa Shea, Fashion Mingle CEO also announced the upcoming launch of their new platform that will increase networking opportunities and help connect fashion professionals and students to jobs and internships. New features include a live feed where members can search for opportunities, events, portfolios, and more, and the ability to find Fashion Mingle members nearby. Melissa explained that the Fashion Mingle platform is designed to connect fashion designers to every resource they need, from concept to customer. “If fashion designers are successful, then everyone will be successful” says Shea.

Educating designers on how to successfully grow their business ensures that the entire fashion industry eco-system is stronger, and everyone’s business will be more successful. Fashion Mingle’s goal is to have the Mastermind Luncheon on a regular basis so that fashion professionals can expand their network and help each other solve problems they are facing in their business. The next luncheon will be held in October and will be hosted by experts in product development, sourcing, manufacturing, and sales. 

To be invited to Fashion Mingle events, you can register as a member for free at You’ll receive exclusive opportunities and invitations from Fashion Mingle members, as well as being connected in the Fashion Mingle community of over 8500 members. 


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