Jason Linkow

Get to Know Professional Hair Stylist, Jason Linkow!

In Fashion Events, Hair & Makeup by Erica Yanus

After being a hair stylist for over 20 years in Colorado, he moved to New York City in 2017. For the past few years, Jason has accomplished things that many people dream of. His hair styles have been in editorial magazines, ad campaigns, award shows, on Broadway and even New York Fashion Week. Most recently Jason worked with Fashion Mingle at Rossi Tuxedo’s NYFW A/W 2020 Collection!

Check out our interview with him below to learn about Jason’s career as a hair stylist and his future goals.

Fashion Mingle: You used to be a hair stylist in Colorado but moved to New York City in 2017. What really pushed you to move to New York City? Why was then the right time after you had already been in the business for so long? 
Jason Linkow: A constant trend in my career is growth. From the beginning I’ve had many amazing opportunities because of hair. From owning my own salon, to being an educator for major hair care lines and even a concert tour with a Super Star. I learned that in order to move forward you have to be willing to let go of what’s not serving you and take some risks. Working behind the chair full time was blocking my ability to do other things. I needed to recreate my workflow to accommodate my changing desires. I decided to do “creative communication through hair design”.  To inspire and help people break through to their next levels. To increase my affect in this world, means that I needed a new way to connect and share my abilities. That meant being in the proper environment to achieve this. There’s no place in the world where fashion entertainment and media combine like New York City. You can’t plant an apple seed in the desert and expect it to thrive!
FM: What are some goals you have now that you’ve successfully done editorial magazine covers, ad campaigns, award shows, Broadway and NYFW
Jason: Although from the outside my career experiences seems like I’ve already done it all, I feel like I’m just getting started. Every new skill and accomplishment brings new light to every situation. My goals continue to be about shifting and opening up possibilities to connect for growth and elevation. I’ve been in the industry for 26 years and one thing has remained constant… change.  Never before have I seen so much change and so many new possibilities happening in our industry. The power and control the Product lines and Salons used to have are vanishing rapidly and a new way is emerging! I represent the positive change that’s possible when you take ownership of your destiny. To connect with likeminded people and combine our efforts and vision to create results beyond the individual. This is where Fashion Mingle comes in. Our only prison is the fear based limits we put on ourselves. My biggest goal is to create mutually beneficial creative environments that allows transformation to create emotional impact.
FM: Do you have a favorite event to work? Do you prefer working runway shows, magazine covers, awards shows? 
Jason: It’s hard to pick a favorite type of project.  So much thought and detail go into an editorial. The intense focus and collaboration can be exciting to push my finishing skills further. Editorials have the power to make people dream. To inspire the client and industry. Runway is the ultimate sharing experience. Leading teams has given me so many opportunities to share as connected me to so many amazing opportunities.  Runway isn’t just technical knowledge but also digging deep into communal results. Creating an ensemble of people together to execute a designer’s vision is very rewarding. However, nothing compares to the immediate feedback and exhilaration of a concert or performance, red carpet or award show. Every skill must come together perfectly. Ability to navigate big personalities, creating iconic imagery, extreme time management, team organization and execution, exaggerated fashion and because of celebrity more scrutiny at every level. One thing still on my bucket list… The Met Gala, as lead hair stylist for a designers muse.

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