hiTechMODA Highlights Real Bodies for NYFW 2022

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hiTechMODA’s NYFW 2022 Season 7 fashion show featured a highly curated selection of designers to showcase their incredible talents during this year’s New York Fashion Week. The mission of hiTechMODA NYFW 2022 is to inspire, empower, discover and encourage fashion talent worldwide. hiTechMODA does this by providing a professional, affordable runway experience with high-quality production, photography, video, hair, and makeup held at a state-of-the-art venue during NYFW.


Doug Mitchell Photography

Not only does hiTechMODA create amazing opportunities for these talented designers from all over the world, but it also opens doors for emerging models of all sizes, racial groups, and ethnic backgrounds that seek to break into the fashion industry.

hiTechMODA is the perfect event for fashion fans to participate in New York Fashion Week by granting the general public admission tickets to every show. This is what makes hiTechMODA shine, especially during large-scale events like NYFW. Many people would love to attend Fashion Week, but they cannot get access to industry-only fashion shows.

Each designer showcased their immense creativity by curating distinct catwalk choreography paired with an electrifying soundtrack and digital background. This set a thrilling tone for the individual collections throughout the night.


Marc Defang Captivates at hiTechMODA 2022 NYFW Event

Acclaimed New York native, Marc Defang, opened the night with a bang. The music combined with the powerful and dynamic strut of the first model immediately captivated me. 

The model glided down the runway in a vibrant, dandelion yellow gown. Marc Defang’s gowns followed a theme of yellow and white tones. Many of the gleaming pieces reflected the chandelier lights while creating a yellow and white illusion that formed a cohesive look for the collection that meshed perfectly with the designer’s white suit at the end.

Johny Calderon

Johny Calderon’s collection graced the catwalk with skin-hugging jumpsuits that perfectly accentuated the female silhouette with geometrical patterns and see-through spandex or mesh-like material. 

Again, with this collection, the first model took my breath away. She did an excellent job of showcasing the designer’s work while keeping the audience immersed the entire time she was on the runway. Her energic walk, fierce facial expression, and the way she lifted the gown were very impressive. 

And Last But Certainly Not Least…My Personal Favorite: Justin Haynes

One designer that especially stuck out to me from the show was Justin Haynes’ “Onyx Label”. 

The creative direction of a Black designer behind an original brand allows the freedom to change the narrative of what Black beauty truly is in high fashion. It’s more than slim figures in editorial magazines and on couture runways. Haynes’ runway is a true reflection of real-world Black bodies in Black fashion, with slight elements of streetwear and business casual. 


Justin Haynes walks down the runway after showcasing his collection during the New York Fashion Week hiTechMODA event.

Final Thoughts about hiTechMODA NYFW 2022

It was a genuine pleasure being able to attend and cover such a diverse and well-choreographed multi-designer showcase for NYFW. hiTechMODA’s Season 7 fashion show exposed me to new designers, new models, and a new way of viewing the art that is fashion.

Seeing realistic bodies romanticized and properly glorified on the runway felt like a breath of fresh air. Celebrating both women and men of all sizes.

The Edison Ballroom felt like a direct reflection of the world just outside its glass doors. What made it even more impactful was that it was set in the heart of New York City: Times Square.

We must not simply accept the mere concept of “diversity” in the fashion world. And that night, hiTechMODA served us the proper inclusivity that we deserve on a silver platter.

Before attending this event, I believed that fashion shows were reserved for high-end brands; but hiTechMODA pleasantly surprised me and provided insight into the new side of fashion they’ve created. Because of this, I look forward to attending more hiTechMODA events in the future.


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