How Augmented Reality Marketing Can Help Your Brand Reach New Customers

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As AR becomes a household word, the ability to use augmented reality marketing offers fashion brands an opportunity to create an AR strategy for their brand. The first step for any company is to conduct market research and identify the desires and needs of their customers, and the advanced automation that 360Fashion Network uses to find, attract, and acquire clients has allowed the fashion tech company to use augmented reality marketing to create campaigns that help small fashion brands grow.

The Benefits of Augmented Reality Marketing

Nerdy Gangsta, an online apparel brand, utilizes the most effective means of promoting its label thanks to augmented reality marketing. Anyone in the world can visit the Nerdy Gangsta website and enjoy a unique AI experience on their mobile phone. Just by clicking “View in AR” under the 3D animation on Nerdy Gangsta’s page, the device’s camera will open and reflect the location of the user, as a”phygital” models showcasing the brand’s apparel collection will teleport to the scene, allowing the user to interact with the model and see multiple views of the model wearing the company’s apparel.

Return on Investments From The Use of Interactive Technology

The use of high-technology powered by 360Fashion Network has enabled Nerdy Gangsta Inc. to connect with people from many different territories. The platform has received screen-recorded videos from numerous places around the globe, including, for instance, Saudi Arabia and African countries. This visualization of fashion in real-time makes the customer’s experience more engaging and appealing, regardless of where the potential customers might live.

Certainly, investments in AR will be one of the biggest revenue generators for mobile operators and broadband companies, thanks to:

1. The rollout of 5G connectivity. In the future, it will solve the high-bandwidth demands of AR and allow for more advanced experiences in 3D;

2. The fact that 5G can handle the massive image-processing demands that AR requires to stream multiply near real-time over various distances;

3. The current progress of the 5G implementation. Most people currently have 4G smartphones and cellular connections, and download heavy files via the limited technology in their hands. This, however, will be changing shortly, considering the benefits and convenience of this progress.

Given these circumstances, it is fundamental to work with a company like 360Fashion Network, as it is equipped and able to design the best technology experiences for your brand, adapting to the customers’ reality, necessities, and desires.

Recommendations on the use of Augmented Reality

AR has swiftly become an essential technology for retailers to engage consumers and offer interactivity. Many big brands have been using it; Chanel, Gucci, and Dior, to name a few labels, are already recognizing the importance of augmented reality marketing. This strategy would usually require a mobile app for iOS or Android in order to make the consumer experience possible, but it is something expensive to build and costly to maintain. Nevertheless, 360Fashion Network used browser-based technology for Nerdy Gangsta Inc. in order to offer cross-device compatibility and lower costs for implementation and maintenance. 

Here are several recommendations from Anina Net, founder of 360Fashion Network, for small brands wishing to use augmented reality:

1. Make it affordable

Use readily available assets to make AR marketing affordable for small brands. If you don’t have the ability to use 3D models in the beginning, you can use jpg files to get started. 

2. Raise brand awareness

Incorporate your AR Virtual Exhibition into your full marketing plan to raise awareness with your loyal followers. It’s important to keep AR in front of your followers as it takes some time to get people to download the AR and try out the technology.

3. Keep it mobile

This is a mobile world. While most brands build apps, small brands should harness browser-based experiences in order to reach all devices at a lower cost.

4. Choose gradual approaches over specialized appliances

Focus on incremental approaches to new technologies like augmented reality, where brands warm up their audience with an experience instead of investing in all the latest specialized equipment.

5. Check out 360Fashion Network’s workshop

Learn how to build awareness of your brand with the knowledge taught at our brand audit workshop, where we teach you how to attract and harness influencer marketing.

Today we live in an era of technological globalization and 360Fashion Network is a leader in the promotion of fashion technology that will allow you to have the most brilliant promotion of your brand possible.

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