How To Cut A Mohawk Like A Professional Barber

How To Cut A Mohawk Like A Professional Barber

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A Mohawk is one of the trendiest, edgiest, and most stylish haircuts of all time. It is achievable with thick, straight hair of medium length and is perfect for guys with round, square, triangular, or heart-shaped faces. This haircut is characterized by a wide strip of hair running from the top front of the head to the nape and flanked by clean shaves on both sides. However, if you want to trim your hair into a Mohawk haircut, you need to be very cautious especially about centering the hair strip correctly. But do not fret, in the next 3 steps below, I will show you how to cut a Mohawk at home like a professional barber.

STEP 1: Get Everything You Need To Cut The Perfect Mohawk

The key to a well-trimmed Mohawk is to cut “that” hair strip with precision. And to achieve that, you need masking tape. After that, you need to decide whether you want a gelled-out style or a “lazy-hawk”. If you’re opting for the former, you need a hair gel or pomade or both (to make a cocktail hair styling product). Next up, you need a wide-tooth comb to disentangle your hair before trimming and brush/style it after. Lastly, a pair of scissors for the final touch-ups. Now, to the main thing which is a hair trimmer. When choosing a trimmer to cut a Mohawk with, opt for a slide-out design that is sturdy and, most important, easy to use for a beginner. You may also need a mirror to have a clear view of the back of your head when trimming it.

STEP 2: Center Your Hair Strip

As you already know, centering your middle hair properly is key to cutting a precise hair strip there. This is where your masking tape and your wide-tooth comb come to play. Start with combing out your top hair from the front to the nape, with much focus on the middle part. After that, attach a number 2 or number 3 guard to your hair trimmer and buzz off the hair on the two sides of the hair a little. This will make the middle hair prominent. With that done, tear off a long piece of masking tape that can extend from the top of your eyebrows to your nape. Now, stand next to the mirror and locate the combed-out middle hair. Next; carefully stick the tip of one end of the tape to your forehead and extend it towards the nape. Stick the second end to your nape.

STEP 3: Shave Off The Two Sides And Style

This is the part you bid farewell to a chunk of your hair but for the better. For precision, start with a large size guard and work your way down when shaving the hair on the two sides of the head. Start shaving from above your hair and move your trimmer from front to back while shifting higher until you reach the edges of each side of the middle hair strip. Avoid moving your trimmer into the masking tape as you go from your sideburns to the back hairline. Finally, carefully lift the long masking tape off your hair strip and style it with a hair gel or pomade. You can also bleach or dye your Mohawk if you want. And if you’re good with a clipper, you can frame your haircut with clean lineups.

In Conclusion

Cutting your hair by yourself will save you money and stress. It’s also an avenue for you to learn new things and understand how to groom your hair to your tastes. But haircuts such as a Mohawk need to be carefully trimmed. That is why I have created this 3-step guide that walks you through cutting a Mohawk haircut at home. You can also check this new post to get tips for your fashion shoots.

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