How To Elevate Your Style In 2022

How To Elevate Your Style In 2022

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Elevating your style is all about considering the looks and trends that best reflect who you are. Choosing clothes that allow you to express yourself authentically is the best way to style. If you’re new to exploring fashion, here are some ways you can begin elevating your style in 2022.

Consider Your Lifestyle


Are you an active person? Do you work in an office or from home? Considering your lifestyle will influence your wardrobe and what fashion means to you. You might be the type to need multifunctional outfits, such as work and workout gear being the same outfit. Or, maybe you need a good supply of dress pants for women for formal attire at the office. Considering your lifestyle will help you determine what the majority of your closet should contain and what items you should part ways with!

Consider Your Wardrobe

Next up, begin to consider the clothes that you already own. What about your current wardrobe do you like? What do you dislike? Starting from here is essential because it gives you insight into where you want to take your look and what you want to change about it.

For any items you no longer wish to own, put them in a donation pile and drop them off at a salvation army or consignment shop later on. Create space in your closet for the items you have yet to purchase.

How To Elevate Your Style In 2022

How To Elevate Your Style In 2022

Consider The Trends

Now that you’ve identified some personal characteristics you want to keep in your wardrobe and those you want to get rid of, it’s time to incorporate today’s trends and see if any speak to you and your fashion style. Currently, goth fashion is back with an 80s twist.

You can find sustainable fashion inspiration from icons like Avril Lavigne to Billie Eilish. You can look through magazines to get ideas for outfits and see if trends speak to you. If not, that is more than okay. Remember, fashion is about expressing yourself, not pleasing the crowd!

Know Your Colors


Figure out which colors look best on you. Everyone has a few colors that make their skin and eyes stand out, and the goal is to accentuate the beauty that is already there. Aim to do this with your clothing so you can feel gorgeous with every outfit! Selecting your colors can also help you pinpoint ideas for outfits. For example, if blue is your color, you might consider working with black pants or cargo pants instead of jeans since you’ll likely wear blue tops more often.

Go To Thrift Stores

Sometimes the best way to elevate style is to get inspiration from the unexpected. Go to a local thrift store and check out the available clothes. You might find options you never considered!

Whether you find throw-back jackets, boots, or modern outfits set to make fashion history, it’s all a win! Let your fashion inspiration take hold, and have fun getting creative with the process. You never know until you look!

Play Up Your Footwear


Go bold with your footwear. Try out wild colors in shoes, like red or yellow heels. Try on combat boots that make you feel as tough as you are, and kick back in a pair of vintage tennis shoes. Sometimes all you need to accentuate an outfit is the right pair of shoes. See what works for you.

The Bottom Line


If you want to elevate your style in 2022, find authentic and genuine clothes. Consider the suggestions above, and you will work to create an elevated wardrobe like never before.


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