How To Sport A Matching Suit And Tie

How To Sport A Matching Suit And Tie

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There are certain events, such as fancy dates, weddings, and interviews, you can’t attend in your pair of ragged jeans, t-shirt, and sports shoes. Such professional and elegant settings call for suits. Also, don’t forget that a tie is what always completes a suit, and you must know how to pair them appropriately. 

However, having a suit and tie and not knowing how to style them together is nearly as bad as not having one. Luckily, this article provides a few tips to solve that dilemma.

  • Select Your Suit

The rule of thumb states that you should match your tie to your suit, not vice versa. The suit is the center of attention and is the element people will notice first. It’s your core color, and you base the shirt and tie you want to wear with it. 

However, your suit will depend on the occasion you want to attend. For instance, the go-to options for most dinner parties or formal events are solid black, matched with black bow ties. Midnight blue suits are also an excellent option for such events. 

  • Color Coordination Is Key

Color-coordinating is one of the most crucial things to do when sporting a matching suit and tie. As mentioned, your suit determines the tie to wear because it dictates the latter’s color. But the general rule is to pick a tie darker than your shirt to stand out. 

Furthermore, settle for a tie that complements the tone and vibrancy of your trouser and jacket. You can also choose to wear a tie of the same color as your suit if you can’t find something to match the tonality of the latter.

matching suit and tie

How To Sport A Matching Suit And Tie

  • Consider The Length And Width Of Your Tie

It’d help if you considered the width and length of your tie when trying to match it with a suit. Usually, it should be of the same width as the lapel. 

First, decide whether you’re wearing a single or double-breasted suit to know the right size of tie to make your pieces fit together like a perfect pair. 

Considering the length of the shirt is also crucial if you want to sport a matching suit and tie. Settle for an average tie length to avoid looking awkward when it’s too short or sloppy when it’s too long. The idea is for it to lie above the belt buckle. An excellent trick to apply is mastering how to tie it the right way to help you adjust it to the perfect length.  

  • Match The Fabrics

New tie designs and styles are cropping up daily, which explains why you may find it challenging to match your tie to your suit. An excellent tip, however, is to check the materials they’re made of. The texture is everything, and even if you choose the best color combination, the outfit may still look out for place if you wear a sharkskin suit with a knitted tie. 

Business suits go well with silk ties, whereas linens pair better with cotton or knitted ties. Basically, a casual outfit requires a simple tie, and a formal suit requires a standard tie.

Moreover, linen and cotton ties pair well with suits designed for warmer months as they’re lighter. However, they wrinkle easily, and you should ensure they’re in good condition before buying. 

  • Harmonize The Patterns

Another way to sport a matching suit and tie is to match the patterns. You want your tie to create a nice contrast with your suit. However, don’t mix and match three or more patterns, as it may kill the vibe. It’s one of the style mistakes most men make when matching suits and ties.

There may be better choices than loud patterns if you want to keep things quiet and calm, especially if you’re attending a wedding or going to the office. Therefore, if you plan to wear a patterned shirt and tie, don’t wear a patterned suit; if you want to wear a patterned suit and tie, don’t wear a patterned shirt. The idea is to avoid wearing three pattered clothing pieces at the same time. 

  • Consider Wearing A Waistcoat

Another way to sport a matching suit and tie is to wear a waistcoat. It adds formality to the ensemble and is a great accessory when you want to shake things up a little to create a different look. It also conceals most of the tie, which allows you to wear a bright-colored or patterned tie without overwhelming your attire. 


Sporting a matching suit and tie can be daunting, especially if you’re not into fashion. However, you can pull it off for any event if you know how to mix the right colors, fabrics, and patterns. Let the list of pointers above guide you in creating the perfect combination.


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