Learn How to Use Crowd-funding to Sell Your Fashion Designs

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Every day fashion designers are using crowdfunding platforms to sell their designs. Indiegogo, Kickstarter and numerous other niche platforms have created a revolution of opportunities for makers in all fields.

Reaching out to the public for funding may seem easier than pitching to investors, but the truth is, it’s still a hard task. After all, you have to convince the internet world that your idea is worth their money. To achieve your crowd-funding goal you must start with a strategic marketing campaign that will convince audiences across all spectrums to believe in your cause.

So how can you achieve a successful crowd-funding campaign that will enable you to sell your designs? Meet Luevo, a growth hub for emerging designers. Luevo is a consultancy company dedicated to help emerging designers achieve their funding goals through successful crowdfunding campaigns. Founded by Ana Caracaleanu, a former model that began working in the fashion industry at the age of fifteen, Ana has a passion to help designers find the financial support they need to launch their collections.

Ana and her business partner, Mihnea Stoian, have a mission to help emerging designers achieve their funding goals through designing a marketing strategy to promote them on the most popular crowdfunding platforms. Their website has become a crowdfunding learning hub for the fashion industry, offering guides and workbooks specifically created to help designers and independent brands devise successful crowdfunding campaigns.

In our interview with Ana, she explained the value in crowdfunding for fashion designers “Crowdfunding is a way for fashion designers to get validated by the market. We’re working with emerging designers who are validated with actual purchases, so then major retailers can look and see what is the next big thing”.

The Luevo team recently released a 77 page e-book in collaboration with StartUp Fashion. The e-book covers all of the important aspects of crowdfunding for your fashion business, like choosing the right crowdfunding platform, preparing a successful campaign, marketing the campaign before the launch, marketing your live crowdfunding campaign, and what to do after it has closed to keep the momentum going. They also provide essential templates like social media sample posts, budget templates, marketing plan templates and a pre-launch campaign checklist.

In Crowdfunding Your Fashion Business Guide & Workbook, you’ll learn:

  • How to Determine if Crowdfunding Right for You
  • How to Choose Your Crowdfunding Platform
  • How to Prepare for Your Crowdfunding Campaign for Success
  • How to Market Your Crowdfunding Campaign Before You Launch
  • How to Market Your Live Crowdfunding Campaign and Watch the Dollars Stream In
  • What to Do After Your Campaign Has Closed to Keep the Momentum Going

Find out more about crowdfunding for your fashion brand at their website. Or you can purchase their e-book Crowdfunding your Fashion Business: Resource Guide and Workbook for Emerging Brands.

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