How To Write A Story For Fashion Magazines in 2023

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Writing for a fashion magazine may sound like an unattainable dream. But what if we told you that it’s possible to achieve it? You can pitch your articles to leading fashion publications in the industry if you’re a writer with an impressive and thorough portfolio in fashion, culture, beauty, lifestyle or other areas. All you need to have is a good amount of experience writing about topics that fashion magazines are interested in publishing. Apart from these, you need to be creative and able to research and summarize information for your readers. Here’s how you can write a story for a fashion magazine.

Figure out your area of work

When you first set out to become a magazine writer or contributor, it is important to figure out a few things about yourself and your area of interest. Research the different jobs you can explore as a fashion writer. Figure out which one suits you best. Keep in mind you can also get into fashion writing for magazines as a freelancer.


Next, what are the topics or subjects you want to write about? Are you more inclined to write about trends or styling? Beauty? Luxury Fashion? Sustainability? Custom Essay Support writes essays on a variety of fashion topics. There are so many areas to explore. Understanding your niche will help you stick to writing sample essays and building your portfolio around the topics of interest.

Flush out your Writing Portfolio

Once you have established your area of interest, the next step is to create a stellar writing portfolio with well-researched and written samples. These pieces, of course, will primarily revolve around your main area(s) and a few samples showcasing your knowledge in other areas. This is so that you can establish your versatility as a fashion writer and your recruiter takes you more seriously as a candidate. The job of a writing portfolio is to communicate your writing skills to your peers and superiors. Make sure you include only your best work that demonstrates your writing skills.

Build an Online Presence

Every writer today has to build an online presence to be noticed by big fashion magazines. Whether it is through Twitter, Instagram, your own blog, or any other type of social platform, establishing a profile where someone could go through your work is important. If it is social media, make sure you keep it professional and clean and always separate your personal life from your professional one.


You can create a website yourself with a catchy and interesting name and upload all the past work you’ve done for clients on there. Verify if you’re allowed to display any ghostwriting or freelancing work, and you’re good to go!

Create a strong CV

After a writing portfolio, the most important indication of your skills and talents as a writer is a CV. Your CV or resume basically lays out all the skills you have, your educational background, your work experience, and other relevant information. Make sure you use keywords to highlight the most important skills you have and explain the kind of work you did in the past to give recruiters an idea of your abilities. If you won any special awards or participation trophies that you got from fashion colleges in USA, make sure to add them in, too, as long as they’re relevant to your goals. Keep your CV neat, and try to make it as creative as possible.

Pitch your articles

Once all the above steps are done, the only thing left is to pitch your articles to the magazines you’re hoping to notice you. Every aspiring fashion writer has a list of fashion publications that they look up to. For some, it’s Vogue, while for others, it’s Harper’s Bazaar or Cosmopolitan. There are more recently-established fashion magazines, such as Paper or Dazed, whose work might stand out to you.

Create a list of fashion publications you want to be featured on so that you have as many options as possible and start collecting their emails. You can either contact the editors or any junior employees who are in charge of recruiting writers for the magazine. Write to them proposing some fresh ideas for the magazine. Keep it short and sweet.


Final Introspection

To succeed as a fashion writer, it will greatly help to have your work published in a top fashion magazine. Getting there can be difficult but not impossible. We hope our guide can help you to write a story for fashion magazines and get them published. Best of luck to you!


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