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How Your Brand Can Be An Ally for Diversity in the Fashion Industry

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Diversity in the fashion industry has always been a topic that has sparked passionate conversations, and now more than ever, it’s time to discuss the issue openly and honestly. Fashion Mingle member, Nicole Doswell realized at a young age, that people who looked like her were not as widely represented in media and entertainment.

Nicole started her career as a modeling agent. “As a modeling agent I was told that traditional all-American blonde models just booked more and were in higher demand, both in the Miami market and overseas in Asia when we worked as a mother agency.” Doswell says that this experience broke her heart, and that the models that are preferred by most fashion and beauty brands are not representative of the America we live in today. 

As a Black Woman, diversity has always been important to Doswell. Today she leads the runway and commercial castings for ‘The Riviere Agency. Through her work, Doswell is able to push for more diversity in campaigns and on the runway. She has taken her passion further with her personal project and movement ‘Models of Color Matter‘, a platform that is a call to action for brands to increase representation in fashion and media. 

We’ve share some of Nicole’s suggestions on how you and your brand can be an ally in the effort to make the fashion industry more accepting of diversity.

How Your Brand Can Support Diversity in the Fashion Industry

  1. Don’t be silent. Silence is perceived as being against the safety and wellbeing of Black lives
  2. Don’t know what to post? CLICK HERE and download a template pack of examples and guidelines to keep in mind as you post on social networks – it is available for free and called “Templates, Resources & Tips for Brands Who Want To Post About Black Lives Matter”.
  3. Make a company donation to organizations that are doing the groundwork in the movement to end violence against black people (and all humans) at the hands of police.
  4. Review your hiring policies. The CFDA has created a helpful guide to start the conversation on making diversity a priority in your own company.


  1. Sign petitions that demand justice for people like George Floyd (example: Color of Change)
  2. If your state is holding local elections, primaries, or general elections, GO VOTE. The people elected to represent you should reflect your values. Find out where to vote here.
  3. Read African American history. This is not the first time that this nation has been here. (See the history of protest in America)
  4. Talk to friends and colleagues about how you can change the world and help end racism through shifting mindsets and speaking out about hate with love.

Join us on our July 10th Mingle Mastermind for our Diversity in the Fashion Industry webinar, where we’ll talk to our Fashion Mingle members in the beauty and fashion industry how struggles they’ve faced in their career and how we can all be better allies. Register for the webinar here.

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