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In Fashion Marketing by Melanie Shaw

A big part of driving your business sales forward is going to be investing in a strong digital marketing campaign and part of that is in your advertising. You need to remember that customers have the ability to research as well as buy things online, and that means knowing how to advertise digitally is going to be your bread and butter. 

If the Internet is being used more and more to inform purchasing decisions, it’s an advertising ground that you really cannot afford to be without. The problem is that the Internet is a huge place. There is a huge range of marketing options with the Internet, and sometimes things can go wrong. If your advertising ends up being offensive, you may need the help of an online advertising expert witness to ensure that you don’t end up in a legal situation. The good news is that you can implement a few very simple techniques to ensure that your advertising online goes off to a strong start rather than a weak one. Here are some of the best tips that you’ll need to make sure that your campaign is as strong as possible. 

  • Remember search engine optimization. It’s the first rule of digital advertising; Without good SEO, you’re not going to get seen. Your search engine optimization is going to involve including targeting keywords in your written content. If you’re selling clothing for example, then you need to ensure that you narrow down the keywords to your target audience based on who the clothes are for, and even the colour. You can also optimize your page speed, if we’re discussing optimization. Search engine optimization is just one route to go down.
  • Consider your pay-per-click ad campaigns. If we’re talking digital advertising, you can start a PPC campaign with a simple set up over an account with Google ads. In that account you can use it to bid on keywords that you want to target within advertising. It’s from here that you can craft landing pages for your adverts that you choose to run. Google ads will always display the highest bidders ad for that keyword. All you need to do here is set a budget because you only pay for the adverts that people click on.
  • Utilize social media. One of the most cost effective tools that you could use in your business arsenal is social media. Formulating the best digital advertising strategy is so much simpler when you lean into all of the different platforms on offer with social media. It’s in your interest to go to where most people are online so if you know where your audience will be, you’ll be able to spend time showing off what you can do.
  • Remember your content matters. You can’t keyword stuff without being blacklisted by Google, but you can ensure that your keywords are relevant and throughout your content. Your content should be interesting to the audience, but more than that it should be legitimately helpful.

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