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Fashion Business Sustainability Guide:
How To Validate Your Sustainability Claims

Friday, May 21
1pm ET | Noon CT | 11am MT | 10am PT 5pm UTC

In our next installment of our Fashion Business Sustainability Guide, we will learn how to validate our sustainability claims. Professional textile designer and consultant Jennifer M. Woodson shares her insight into her passion of sustainability.

5 Things You Will Learn

        1. Understanding 3rd party sustainability certifications and testing.
        2. How fiber and material processing impacts the sustainability of a material.
        3. Dyeing & finishing options that can improve your collections 
        4. What is a "Life-Cycle Assessment" and why you need one.
        5. Sourcing trade-offs and the challenges of the supply chain.

Join us for this lively discussion where you can bring your questions for the Q&A with our panel of experts. Attendees are also encouraged to sign up for a free Fashion Mingle profile prior to the event so you can connect directly with our panelists after the webinar. 

Jennifer M. Woodson

Meet Our Expert

Jennifer M. Woodson is a professional textile developer with a passion for sustainable materials for over a decade of experience. As a consultant, Jennifer sources new, innovative materials that outperform the competition and works closely with mills to negotiate pricing and contract terms, validate sustainability claims, and ensure the material meets performance and safety standards.

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Mingle Mastermind Team

Meet the Mingle Mastermind Team that you’ll be seeing every week, LIVE from New York City!

Melissa Shea

With a passion for fashion and technology, Melissa Shea is the CEO and cofounder of Fashion Mingle, a global platform for fashion industry professionals. Fashion Mingle is a platform that connects fashion professionals with the resources they need locally, or anywhere in the world. With over 6000 members in 100+ categories, the Fashion Mingle platform is designed to build stronger local fashion communities, creating economic opportunities for all.

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Dale Noelle

As the owner of TRUE Model Management, Dale Noelle is instrumental in creating opportunities for New York’s freshest faces and working with many of the world’s most famous brands. Dale began her career as a model and has grown a thriving business, and has shared her knowledge and experience as an instructor at FIT and LIM. Dale is passionate about creating connections and opportunities for women-owned businesses through events and partnerships that bring together some of New York’s most successful female founders.

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Dee Rivera

With a career in PR working with major brands and publications, Dee is known for creative strategies that build emerging brands through DCG Public Relations and DCG Group Media. As a serial entrepreneur, Dee is the founder of Latinista.com, Hampton’s Fashion Week, and Times Square Fashion Week, three platforms that create promotional opportunities for emerging designers, beauty, and wellness brands. Dee is an expert collaborator, putting together teams that have created some of New York’s most memorable events.

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Shirin Movahed

As a brand builder (legally speaking), Shirin is the founder of Rakomova Law and has helped entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by expertly guiding them through the legal challenges of starting and protecting your business. Shirin is an active member of the New York fashion industry, serving on the board of Fashion Group International and serves as a mentor and board advisor to several private companies and organizations as a well as a startup incubator in the fashion industry.

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Catherine Schuller

Cat Schuller started her career as a model in NYC in the 70s and has been instrumental in the growth and success of many of New York’s most creative designers, models, event producers, and more. With a passion for inclusivity and sustainability, Catherine has been an instructor at FIT, LIM College, and helps organize events that promote sustainable fashion with the United Nations. Cat is the founder of Runway The Real Way, and Creative Director of hiTechMODA, two fashion show platforms showcasing emerging designers.

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