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Negris Lebrum’s Fall 2022 Collection Inspired by a 1940s Love Story

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On a cold winter’s night, the temperature dipping to 31°, illumination from a Manhattan doorway revealed a long runway surrounded by chairs filled with fashion industry professionals and enthusiasts from all around the world. Walking to one’s seat among all the flashes from the photographers might have elicited a feeling of one being a model oneself, especially considering the impeccable style of the guests. All of them were present to witness the Negris Lebrum Fall Winter 2022-2023 collection — christened “Black is Beautiful.” — which is also the translation for the brand’s tagline: “Le Noir est Joli.”

A dreamy sensation musically induced as the first look in the show entered to Mariah Carey’s success “My All”, followed by “Un Souvenir Heureux” by Pierre Lapointe, and the Irresistible Force Mix for “Autumn Leaves” by Coldcut. Ambience was entirely welcoming, lighting slightly subdued but bright enough to allow the contemplation of each piece and its details.

The inspiration for Negris Lebrum arose from a love story begun in the 1940s between a man and a beautiful young French Creole woman. The brand aims to tell their story to the world: the couple joined by a higher force amidst the societal difficulties which forbade their love. Negris is “aime par beaucoup, admiree par tous, elegance percu”: “loved by many, admired by all, perceived elegance.”

Creative director and founder Travis Hamilton presented a collection with classic pieces simultaneously conservative and sexy, providing each woman wearing the brand with the freedom to define herself. Stylists adorned models with vintage hairstyles, dark sunglasses and defined waists; some garments looser, exuding a sense of sensuality through other details. Prominent colors were black and white, with some neutral colors and darker tones of blue and yellow.

The designer played with the idea of slight transparency for the first look on the runway, a black ribbed set of long sleeve shirt and pants. Pinstripes were in the spotlight that night, alongside V-neck cuts. The faux fur bucket hat that’s been making its way back through TikTok in the past few months also appeared twice with a more classical structure, resembling the cloche hats that were so popular in the 1910s and 1920s.

Whether it was the beautiful black faux fur coats or the dresses with more traditional cuts and light fabrics with a bit of movement, this presentation of Negris Lebrum vestments offered an aura of well-behaved romantic seduction. Although not all pieces closely conformed body shape, they consistently achieved the tricky balance of providing a modest notion of the wearer’s silhouette.

Some details were present throughout the entire collection, such as sets, coming back heavily with the streetwear culture and the 2000s revival, matte colors mixed with sequin fabric, turtlenecks, cardigans, well-tailored structures, and lots of knits and vegan suede. Buttons often contrasted and were a highlight on the piece. The designer mixed social clothes and athleisure with hoodies with lapels. Chic trench coats were the stars of the show’s second half, and long black fingerless gloves with fur details on the knuckles definitely caught the eye.

The primary goal for Negris Lebrum is to meet the desires, needs and expectations of their customers consistently, and this was beautifully accomplished by this New York Fashion Week show. The brand not only brings terrific pieces, but they also maintain partner relationships with their high-quality products and services while they simultaneously support an array of social, cultural, and educational projects.

Some of Fashion Mingle’s favorite looks from Negris Lebrum’s Fall Winter 2022-2023 “Black is Beautiful” collection:

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