Fashion brands who want to increase sales and profit! We offer courses, coaching, and community for fashionpreneurs who are ready to turn their passion into a reality!

Hi! I'm looking to connect + work with clients for fashion, commercial, fit, showroom, hosting, fitness, live media, film and tv projects, print work (campaigns/ads/magazines) and runway shows.

Need help? We take you from concept to execution: Design. Development. Sourcing. Packaging. Messaging. Branding. Building purpose & passion into your brand, giving you legacy.

I'm looking for clients that have maxed out their own capabilities in marketing & PR and are ready to invest in a PR expert to take their brand/company to the next level.

Models, actors and athletes who are looking for opportunities in editorial, print, fashion, runway, commercial, advertising, film, television, and voice over.

Brands who need counseling for Covid-19 challenges, providing advice, referrals, resources, and assistance to help your business survive during this time. 

Designers looking to participate in Apparel the Sustainable Fashion Forum in Los Angeles and the Sustainable Fashion Summit In New York.

Fashion brands who need help with product development and production, and are solving a problem for their customer, and have a sustainable, social, or environmental impact/mission in their mission.

We'd love to connect with brands, organizations or individuals that seek to reinforce that brand values and message by using the power of scent to influence and communicate.

Salons and boutiques interested in carrying cruelty-free & environmentally-friendly cosmetics.

Designers who wish to start their own line, businesses who want to move towards more sustainable practices, and fair trade advocates.

We've hosted international speaker panels in over 180 countries at the cross-section of sustainability and technology. Contact us to see how your brand can be involved.

New space to accommodate additional participants and technology to assist our fashion businesses to streamline their production process Grant writers to increase fundraising for our pending moves