About Me

OhConcept’s mission is to create affordable and on trend pieces for the modern woman. The OhConcept girl bleeds sexy and sophisticated. All pieces exhibit a comfy chic look and celebrate a woman's body. OhConcept aims to create pieces that are effortlessly sexy by delivering the comfy chic that every woman wants.

Valerie and Yuli, the designers behind OhConcept, contribute different and unique aspects to OhConcept with their diverse backgrounds. Valerie was born and raised in Venezuela with a Romanian and Moroccan heritage while Yuli is from Indonesia. Both women were pulled toward fashion design, but wanted to stay true to their roots and it shows in the collection. Pulling tropical influence from her background, Yuli contributes romantic themes by incorporating lace and curve-hugging silhouettes. Valerie uses her graphic design background to bring clean lines and modern designs to the OhConcept collection. Bringing both cultures together to create timeless pieces has bided well for the twosome.

OhConcept believes sexy is when you are confident and their clothes sure accomplish that.