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There are many types of jobs within the fashion industry. These include designers, pattern makers, tailors and photographers. In order to run a successful fashion business it is important to have an understanding of each of these roles. While they may not get the most attention within our industry, the pattern maker is one of the most important parts of your team.

The Role of the Pattern Maker

First of all, it’s important to understand the role of a patter maker. Pattern makers are responsible for creating patterns on paper and fiberboard. They create the technical elements of a design, such as the lengths of the sleeves and the exact placement of embellishments. Pattern makers produce their work with either software or free-hand drawing. While both methods are commonly used, it is important to have strong free-hand skills. A professional pattern maker is vital to the creative process. Therefore, having one on your team will ensure accurate and consistent production.

Taking a design from a sketch to a finished product contains many steps.The pattern maker’s job is to ensure that the idea and reality are the same. Once the design goes to production, the finished product will be created using the work of the pattern maker. Just one wrong measurement or incorrect placement could result in the entire garment could falling apart, so precision is key. For this reason, you’ll often see strong math skills and an eye for detail listed in the requirements for patter maker job listings.

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