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Renting Clothes: How It Works and Why You Should Do It

In Student Mingle by Scarlet Jenkins

I can’t count the number of times I’ve opened my closet and longed for the dress I saw as I walked past the designer store window but I just couldn’t afford the price tag. Or when I wanted a really special dress for formal, but did not want to spend the cash for a one time wear.

Being a student, sometimes means we can’t afford to buy this season’s coat or a replacement pair of sunglasses that we lost, but now some bright minds in the fashion world have come up with a solution; just rent it instead.

At first, it may seem unappealing, the thought of wearing clothes that aren’t your own and have been worn by people you don’t know, but everything is professionally dry cleaned, and when you hear about the benefits it’s actually a really neat concept, and a great benefit about it is that you’re not contributing to fast fashion.


Here is a list of rental clothes companies for students


Rent the Runway Unlimited– is a great place to start your renting clothes journey. Their clothes cater to all occasions with 650 designers to choose from and an unlimited swap option.  This would be the best option for anyone who doesn’t want just one ‘special dress,’ as they are great for occasion clothing.

The basic monthly rate is $89 a month or you can rent individual pieces of clothing of your choice. The designers to choose from are quite a catch, with the likes of Tory Burch, Rag & Bone, and SeebyChloe.

renting clothes

(Credit to Rent the Runway Unlimited)

Style Lend– stands out from the other renting clothes companies because with Style Lend you are renting from other people’s closets. So before you save up all your paychecks to buy that designer handbag, you can rent it for a week and decide if it’s worth the buy. Think of it like borrowing a Chanel bag and Louboutins from a friend.

Style Lend has a long list of big brands to choose from, and it’s one of the cheapest options as well, starting at $7.95 a month.

renting clothes

(Credit to Style Lend)

Fashion to Figure Closet– this renting clothes company is perfect for any plus-sized ladies out there looking for the renting clothes experience, offering sizes from 12-24 and XL-3XL.. You can keep up with the trends and get three articles at a time, that you can swap any time or keep and buy for a discounted price. The shipping and returns are both free and they also cover your dry cleaning, so it could not be easier. 

With all that included, its monthly rate is $54.95 and they offer clothing for all occasions including workwear, so you can swap around your office clothes so you never get tired of wearing the same thing.

renting clothes

(Credit to Fashion to Figure)

Nuuly– Nuuly is the renting clothes sight for you if you love high street retailers like Urban Outfitters, but can’t afford to buy all their new releases. Well with Nuuly, you can just rent them, and then swap them in for the next season’s must-haves. With a range of brands including Levi’s, Anthropology, and Free People.

With an $88 monthly fee, this deal is really worth considering as it includes the dry cleaning and repairs of any clothes you send back, as well as discounts on the ones you can’t part with! 

renting clothes

(Credit to Nuuly)

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