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Shop Fashion Mingle Members in Our Holiday Gift Guide 2019

In marketingby Melissa Shea

Fashion Mingle is bringing you just a few of our favorite things from our members and there is still time to order from these independent designers and get unique holiday gifts for your favorite people!

Nomad Story


One of our newest VIP members is Shay Jaffar, the founder and curator of Nomad Story. She brings together entrancing designs and bold apparel, accessories, and handbags that entice women everywhere to exude their individuality. Nomad Story crosses borders, exploring the globe to discover up-and-coming designers who are bold and fearless in their styles.  USE NOMADXMINGLE for 25% OFF.  Shop Nomad Story.

Rae Cosmetics

Rae Cosmetics

Rae Cosmetics is a line specifically created for hard working, fun loving, active and athletic women looking for beauty as well as performance from their makeup. At work or play, the heat and humidity resistant formulas provide long-lasting coverage even when you sweat. Shop Rae Cosmetics.

Rise Art Sunglasses

The RiseAD mission is to unite people through art. Conceived in Brooklyn and influenced by art from all over the world, RiseAD curates Limited Edition Collections with artists, creators & designers, creating Fashionable Art Eyewear. Shop RiseAD.

Amy Holton Designs

Amy Holton Design

Everyone sees the world through different eyes. Amy Holton Design is a product of how she interprets a gemstone, colors and textures for her necklaces, earrings, bracelets and hoops from her little corner of my world. Shop Amy Holton Design.


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