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Shop The Runway Technology Debuts During NYFW

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Two Fashion Mingle members are launching an exciting opportunity to bring “shop the runway” technology to live fashion shows during New York Fashion Week. 

Over 40 emerging and established designers will be featured at the NYFW hiTechMODA Fashion Event on Friday, September 6th and Saturday, September 7th at the new National Geographic Encounter Ocean Odyssey in the heart of Times Square. The fashion show features designers who are committed to incorporating sustainability, body positivity and fair trade standards in their collections.

Cutting-edge technology is incorporated into this 2 day fashion show with the inclusion of the new Enly ecommerce website and mobile app by Savvy Tech. Attendees will be able to shop directly from the runway with select designers on their mobile app and also on the Enly online marketplace with virtual fitting technology. Shoppers can input their measurements, take a selfie, and the Enly software renders a personalized 3D avatar, allowing you to virtually try on clothing from independent designers. 

Fashion Mingle introduced the founders of hiTechModa and Savvy Tech at our NYFW Networking Party, which is held every Sunday night of New York Fashion Week at ROW NYC. Catherine Schuller, cofounder of hiTechModa was introduced to Savvy Tech’s CEO, Tom Savransky by Fashion Mingle CEO Melissa Shea. “The moment Tom told me about the software he was developing, I knew he had to meet Catherine Schuller, who is always a champion for the next new thing for the fashion industry” said Shea. 

“I’m so glad we met at the Fashion Mingle party. You’re truly putting people together who can collaborate” says Schuller. “The software Savvy Tech has created is a dream come true, It’s so great to work with Tom, they are so dedicated to getting it right.”

Enly has 3 main objectives: 1) to connect designers with their fans and give designers an additional sales channel, 2) to allow shoppers to virtually try on clothing, and 3) to reduce the amount of returns happening in fashion ecommerce.

Here is how you can shop the runway at hiTechModa’s NYFW event:

Enly App to Shop the Runway

Use this app to shop the runway at hiTechModa’s NYFW event.

  1. Attendees will receive an email before the fashion show asking them to sign up on the Enly platform and input their measurements in advance to create your own 3D avatar. If you don’t have your measurements, you will be measured on-site. 
  2. During the show, attendees will be able to view a live feed through the app and click favorite to buy later or switch screens to try it on in the Virtual Dressing Room.
  3. Three designers will be featured using Savvy Tech’s 3D technology and attendees who have their measurements setup in the app will be able to see the clothes on their personalized avatars in the Virtual Dressing Room.

Designers can apply to be featured on the Enly Platform

Savvy Tech is currently taking applications for designers who are interested in selling through their platform. Designer must have a manufacturing plan or hold inventory, return policy, and sizing charts. Apparel designers can inquire by email.

Schuller says the Enly app is the “final thing that’s missing for a designer. Do a runway show and walk away with sales.” Savvy Tech uses 3D modeling technology to allow shoppers to see their style and fit before ordering. By comparing sizing charts with user inputs and generating 3D models, Savvy Tech is able to provide shoppers with the most accurate virtual shopping experience possible.

Tom was inspired to create this software because he doesn’t like going shopping, but he doesn’t trust that he’ll get the right fit if he orders online. He went to a programmer to see if it was possible to create something to solve that problem. He then went to a bio engineer to learn how to collect the data points to make it possible. Tom spent a lot of time doing consumer research by asking designers and consumers at NYFW to gauge interest. 

CEO, Thomas Savransky partnered with Igor Savchenko, who is Savvy Tech’s CTO and they launched the company in 2017. Tom is a senior finance major at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD), and an Associate at the Maryland International Incubator and a Peer Innovation Coach at the Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Igor is a senior computer science major at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and Project Lead for the UMBC Robo-Submarine Team.

Tickets on sale through Saturday, September 7, 2019

Don’t miss your chance to participate in this ground-breaking event to bring consumers and independent designers together. Tickets are on sale for NYFW hiTechMODA Fashion Event now. 

Register for your personalized Enly 3D avatar here

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