Six SEO Tips for Online Fashion Business

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Fashion is a fast-paced industry. If you don’t adapt to the changing times, your business will experience a major fallout. And with so many competitors, it’s important to adopt SEO strategies that can make you stand out from them. Building an online audience is vital. It requires efforts and in-depth knowledge of content marketing techniques. Once you master them, your leads will definitely convert into sales. 

Ways to Build Your Online Fashion Business

When customers find your fashion business website page on Google’s first rank, they feel that your website is trustworthy, resulting in longer session time. And SEO tips below will help you achieve this. We’ve outlined some of them below.

Ensure User-Friendliness

Would you visit a website that’s hard to navigate? We bet, you wouldn’t! You should develop a user-friendly e-commerce website to engage customers and boost sales. Google recognizes relevant content and ranks them accordingly. And a website that’s not user-friendly can bring down your rankings. Some of the things you can do to make your online store user-friendly are as follows:

  • Website optimization should be at place that will speed up your web page. If your webpage takes a long loading time, customers will definitely exit it. 
  • Treat call-to-action as king. A clear and visible CTA helps fulfill users’ intentions. CTAs like add to wish list and cart or learn more are commonly used in the fashion industry.
  • Your product page shouldn’t be complex. Clients should understand the product’s specifications in the first go. Enable customers to filter products by price, size, color, pattern, etc. to enhance users’ experiences.
  • Don’t use a font that’s hard to comprehend. A simple font is easy to read and that can help you convert leads into consumers.
  • Simplify your checkout processes. Clients will abandon their carts if checkout processes are time-consuming. You can leverage Google Analytics to monitor checkout metrics.

In addition, you can add a search tab at the top of your online store to help customers find products quickly. Website optimization is not an easy feat. But with hard work, you’ll be able to optimize your website for users. With that said, Adfixus also adds that you should never compromise your website’s security. So, be sure to tick every item on your cybersecurity checklist.

Achieve Mobile-Friendliness

According to an ecommerce report, 79% of consumers use smartphones for online shopping. So it’s of paramount importance to make sure that your online store has mobile-friendly capabilities. You should implement responsive design and dynamic serving to optimize your mobile site. Your website or application should fit every screen. Means — whatever device your customers are using, it shouldn’t affect your website’s design. You can also preview your mobile site and resolve issues with the Google Mobile-Friendly test tool. Moreover, your website should have an SSL certificate as customers would leave websites those do not have HTTPS in address bar of a site. It secures data that customers share over the website. SSL can be from reputed brands and few names we can count are RapidSSL certificate, Sectigo SSL certificate, GeoTrust SSL certificate, etc.

Create High-Quality Content

A fashion store without a blog is like plants without sunshine and water, they don’t survive. You should create a blog and post relevant content to target potential customers. It will help you generate traffic and boost SEO rankings. You should research ideas for your blog. You can analyze your competitor’s site to check the kind of content they create and jot down ideas for your blog. You can implement content marketing techniques to reduce bounce rates and make your website appealing. 

You can inform customers about:

  • Fashion tips
  • Products pros and cons
  • Trending fashion styles
  • Ways to redesign existing clothes, etc. 

These are just a few ideas you can build your content around. But you can go beyond them and produce noteworthy blog posts. Don’t forget to post and update content regularly to gain new visitors. 

Conduct Keyword Research

Keywords help rank your online store on the first page of SERP. You should conduct thorough keyword research and include them on your website to make it easier for customers to find your products and services. If you don’t use the correct keywords, you’ll definitely lose organic traffic. There are several tools you can employ to conduct keyword research like SEMrush, Ubbersuggest and Keywordsheeter. You can also refer to the related questions section on the SERP to understand consumers’ interests. 

Don’t forget to include long-tail keywords in your meta descriptions and title tags. This is the first description your customers see while browsing. Some of the other things you can do to increase visibility are as follows:

  • Determine keyword difficulty
  • Establish keyword themes
  • Check out Google Trends
  • Monitor keyword metrics like CPC, search intent and competitiveness

Remember, don’t stuff your page with keywords. It will only decline in SEO rankings.

Devise Linking Strategies 

To survive in the fashion world, it’s important to build connections. They don’t only help you gain customers’ trust but also increase SEO rankings. You can collaborate with other fashion influencers and ask them for backlinks. The more backlinks you get, the more authority you build in Google’s eyes. 

Don’t forget to insert internal links. They assist you in establishing the site’s architecture. Here are some advantages of internal linking:

  • Improves navigation
  • Spreads link juice
  • Boosts traffic
  • Assists in crawling and indexing
  • Helps increase page rank

Linking indicates credibility, trustworthiness and authority. You should link to a trusted source. For instance, while linking statistics always use primary source links instead of secondary sources. You should not link to content that’s too old. It’ll only indicate to Google that your blog post isn’t regularly updated.

Leverage High-Quality Visuals

Low-quality images can drive away potential customers. In the fashion industry, it’s all about visuals. Your visuals should attract clients and make your products irresistible. You can describe images in a word by adding tags to them. They help customers find products within seconds. But remember, if you upload a large image size, your website might slow down. You can use an image conversion tool to decrease image size while maintaining its quality. 

In Conclusion

It’s impossible to increase your SEO ranking overnight. It takes a lot of patience and consistent hard work to make your fashion online store rank on page one. Because Google algorithms keep changing, it’s important you try to study and predict future algorithm updates to tackle ranking issues.

We hope that you found the above-mentioned SEO tips useful for fashion business. With the right SEO methods, you can achieve your business goals.

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