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Starting a Fashion Design Business? Avoid the 14 Mistakes that Most Designers Make

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Do you want to start a clothing or accessories line but you’re fearful that you’ll make mistakes that will cost you not only money but your precious time? Christine Daal is the founder of Fashion Angel Warrior and she meets designers all the time who tell her they haven’t started a fashion design business because they are afraid of making mistakes.

Christine launched her own fashion line and understands completely how you feel, because when she made a big mistake, it cost her BIG TIME! So she decided to help other designers avoid the same mistakes she made and designed a program to help.

Fashion Mingle member Christine Daal will host a Mingle Mentor webinar on Wednesday, December 13th where you’ll learn how to avoid the top 14 most costly mistakes fashion designers make when starting their collection. Even if you’ve already launched a fashion design business, we’re sure you still have a lot of questions that Christine can answer.

The 7 most common questions to ask before starting your fashion design business:

  1. How much does it cost to start a line?
  2. How do I know people will actually buy my designs?
  3. Do I need to build social media?
  4. Should I hire a web designer or do the website myself?
  5. Where do I purchase fabrics?
  6. How much should I charge for my products?
  7. How do I pitch buyers?

This free webinar for Fashion Designers will teach you:

  • What NOT to do if you want to have a profitable business
  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls
  • Where to cut costs to increase profits
  • How to properly plan for your business
  • Which steps to take in which order so that nothing is overlooked and more…

How to join the webinar:

This December 13th webinar is for Fashion Mingle members, a networking platform for fashion industry professionals. List your fashion design business for free at and access to the webinar will be posted on your Dashboard at the time of the event.

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