Student Spotlight: Becca Ziegler

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Becca Ziegler is a student and aspiring fashion designer. She attends Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, majoring in apparel design with a minor in organizational leadership. Becca has always been a creative person, and began developing her passion by joining 4-H to learn to sew in 3rd grade. It wasn’t long after that she started coming up with her own designs and unique takes on patterns to match her ideas. This kick started her love of fashion and influenced the wide variety of style choices she designs. As Becca improved her design and sewing skill, it became clear that this was something she had a talent for, and that she wanted to pursue a career in. Becca took this inspiration and started her own business, Design by Becca, with the hopes of making her designs available for others, while also getting her name out there as a designer.

Becca’s designs are really inspired by the feelings she experiences in different situations. Anything from a concert, to a party, to a professional setting, to being in a peaceful setting surrounded by nature, Becca draws her inspiration from wherever the world takes her. Her goal with her designs is to convey how she feels at these specific moments so that she can give someone else the same experience, or relive it by wearing the garment. Sometimes Becca is also inspired to design for experiences that she wants to live, but hasn’t. The idea is to sort of live vicariously through the feeling of wearing the design.

In terms of working with photographers and models for her Design by Becca Instagram, she does all of the photography herself. Being a small business, she’s very DIY. She recently got a phone tripod with a ring light that has been very helpful in getting good shots. She does a lot of the modeling herself, but sometimes brings in her sister and friends.

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