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T-Shirt Design 101: Advantages Of Silkscreen Printing

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In today’s market, personalized goods are all the rage because consumers value individuality. It’s clear because, increasingly, companies make and sell customised goods, mostly T-shirts with designs printed on them using silkscreen techniques, which are easy and cheap. In fact, recent studies project the customized t-shirt industry at USD$3.1 Billion by 2025

Whether you’re considering this method for professional or personal reasons, you should research to determine if it’s right for you. This article will summarise how to print via the silkscreen method and its benefits for you or your business.

How Does Silkscreen Printing Work

Silk-screen printing requires a few supplies to complete the printing process. To transfer ink from one surface to another, the printing frame must first be made, or the design must be printed onto a sheet. Screen printing involves placing a frame over a T-shirt and scraping out the ink – one layer per colour, with support for up to four hues. A layer of the frame ink is applied, let to dry and then reused. 

Silk-screen printing used to require a lot of handiwork, but nowadays, there are inks and machines that allow you to get results of superfine quality. As a result, silk-screen printing has become increasingly popular among modern businesses to produce branded apparel such as T-shirts. If you already have a design in mind but don’t want to purchase silk-screen materials, you may consider looking for a reliable printing business and have it print your design for your convenience. As an example, this site shows one that has an excellent track record and offers a free screen-printing quote.

What Are The Advantages Of Silkscreen Printing

Although everyone is familiar with silkscreen printing, its advantages may not yet be fully appreciated. If you’re considering screen printing, here are five benefits to keep in mind:

  • Durable Design

Compared with approaches like a heat press, a design printed using silkscreen lasts far longer. Screen printing uses thick and large volumes of ink, unlike digital and vinyl heat transfer which wears off after a few washes. It retains its colour and durability over several washings. 

While this is notably true for cotton-based materials like t-shirts and other textiles, it’ll also work on different materials like wood and paper. Also, screen printing isn’t photosensitive, so the designs won’t fade if you leave them out in the sun.

  • Affordable Cost

Screen printing’s ability to produce more for less is a significant perk. When working with a reputable business, you can place bulk orders, which results in substantial discounts that may be passed on to you. Bulk ordering is the way to go if you need enough shirts for a large group of people without breaking the bank. Screen printing’s minimal setup and production costs enable a wide range of shirt designs. Choose a suitable provider, and don’t go overboard with your budget.

  • Various Mediums

Silkscreen printing allows you to create colourful images using a single colour or a combination. Puff prints, in which the printed area seems slightly puffy and bloated, are another option for silkscreen printing. Metallic paint, glitter paint and foil paint are all available. You can print on more than just t-shirts as a huge plus. 

  • Originality

There are a ton of competitors out there, so making your company stand out is crucial. Having shirts screen printed is beneficial as it allows you to print any design you want on a shirt. Having personalized graphic t-shirts made is a fantastic method of advertising a company’s name and services. You can also consider purchasing silkscreen materials and making them yourself to cut costs if you frequently have shirts done. 

Many people fail to take advantage of these four screen printing advantages because they’re unaware of them. You can benefit more depending on your frequency of getting shirts or other items created and the difficulty of the design you want. Carefully discuss it with your team and the screen-printing company to get a fair quote.

  • Rapid Production

When it comes to t-shirts, the quickest option is screen printing or silkscreen printing. Screen printing is a clear winner compared with the time-consuming heat press printing and direct-to-garment method. You can quickly print a considerable quantity of t-shirts.


Whether you’re planning to buy your equipment for silkscreen printing or hiring a reliable service provider, there are significant benefits to preferring silkscreen over other processes. Screen printing t-shirts saves time and money. It’s fantastic for large orders. Hiring a reliable firm that provides cheap, high-quality screen-printing services is a must if you want to produce personalised t-shirts.


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