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The Best Work Bags: Where Fashion Meets Function 

In Accessories by Melanie Shaw

Wherever your work setting is, whether you go to a physical office or you’re constantly traveling and meeting partners and clients here and there, you’ll need a good work bag that can sustain you through. There’s no doubt as to how this vital accessory can impact the way you look every day. Given that you work at least five times a day, it makes it even more important to get a work bag that’s both fashionable and functional at the same time. 

Everyone wants to look classy and sophisticated, even during work time. Carrying a stylish work bag can complete your business attire. The key is to balance the importance of style and function when shopping for a work bag.  

Here are some designs that allow fashion to meet function. 

  • Full Grain Leather Briefcases  

This type of workbag is perfect and more common for men, as it contributes to their masculine demeanor and gives them an edgier look. However, women who want to sport a work bag that gives them that sense of power, confidence, and control won’t go wrong with this one too. This bag is made of genuine leather and comes with sturdy handles that allow you to easily and conveniently carry them as you drive or commute to work. Because of the space inside, you’ll be able to seamlessly organize and arrange all your paperwork and important documents. 

According to Von Baer, choosing full-grain leather is much better than cheaper alternatives, as it ages with a leather patina, meaning it stays looking professional over years of use (unlike others that look tatty quite quickly).  

No.1 Briefcase from

No.1 Briefcase from

  • Leather Tote Bag  

Take your business to the next level with this stylish and minimalist office tote bag for women. This bag is the perfect epitome of fashion and function. From afar, it can look like an average everyday shoulder bag, but when you get to use it yourself, you’ll be surprised at how spacious and functional it really is.  

Some men who wouldn’t mind wearing shoulder bags can also use this leather tote bag. After all, with its short straps, you can use it as a hand or shoulder bag. A lightweight and comfortable tote bag like this is perfect for daily commutes.  

The best feature of this work bag is its water-resistant feature. No matter the weather, you won’t have to worry about damaging your gadgets and files stored inside. This also comes with that minimalist and modern style that fits any personality and outfit. Whether you’re a modern man or woman in an urban setting, this work bag is easy to pull off.    

  • Work Backpack  

Backpacks are the main staples for many people’s wardrobes. There are reasons why these are popular among students and the younger generation. They’re hip, trendy, and easy to carry. When you think about it, its best feature is that even when you’re wearing the backpack, you still have both hands free to do some other things. 

For professional and business settings, go for leather work bags to give you that additional finesse and grade. This also fits well into a more casual office environment. On-the-go millennials are always in love with work backpacks. And they come in a wide range of aesthetic features, so you can choose whichever color, design, or shape you’d like. 

  • Vintage Bucket Bag  

For vintage lovers out there, this a work bag that fits your preferences indeed. This is one of the best ways to elevate your style. This bucket bag strikes a perfect balance between a large tote and a small bag. This is another great option that portrays a balance between style and function. For professionals who hate carrying large bags, this medium-sized one is a more suitable choice. 

This structured and vintage-styled bag is perfect for any working man or woman. They have a timeless feel and vibe, so you won’t go wrong in carrying them no matter the occasion and event. It can hold your work essentials and devices due to its practical shape and spacious construction. It can even hold your laptop and other gadgets.  

  • Messenger Bag  

The versatile messenger bag is a classic carryall that is often worn crossbody. Office workers have always been loyal to this bag design ever since. From the past until modern work settings, you can see professionals and commuters in coffee shops, offices, and other public places carrying messenger bags.   

There are low to high-grade options for such bags. You can easily find affordable messenger bags that come in canvas and nylon materials. However, if you want something more sustainable and long-lasting, you can’t go wrong with genuine leather messenger bags. This bag can match whatever dress code you have now, whether it’s business attire or smart casual wear.  


Work bags come in a wide range of styles and designs. However, it can be overwhelming if you’re bombarded with choices, and you won’t be able to realize which ones come with both fashion and function features. To make it relatively easier for you, you can refer to the suggested work bag designs above and find the best work bag that suits your style and needs. 


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