Why Are Handmade Wedding and Engagement Rings Becoming More Popular?

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One of the most commonly made searches relating to weddings will be for the average cost of a ring. Generally speaking, engagement rings cost more than wedding rings. Perhaps this is because they tend to be more complex or intricate in their design work. Also, many people are handed down wedding rings by grandparents which negates the cost there.

Some statistics show that around 1.8 million engagement rings are sold in the US each year, with 96% of them containing diamonds. And if you’re still wondering, the average cost of an engagement ring was $5,500 in 2020.

These are generally rings that are bought from jewelry stores online or in retail areas and would be categorized as off-the-shelf. However, there is a growing demand for custom handmade marital rings now.

Are handmade wedding rings in vogue right now?

You might think that all minimalist wedding rings are made by hand, but there is a distinction between hand-finished and handmade.

Machines and other forms of mass production can be used when making jewelry, and this results in thousands of clones for sale in retail stores across the country. There is nothing wrong with this, and it is a matter of choice, and budget for the consumer to make.

However, when it comes to engagement and wedding rings, there is a trend for custom-bespoke jewelry now with celebrities such as Megan Fox receiving unique rings from their fiance.

What materials can you use for handmade wedding rings

In the case of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, the metal used is white gold and comes with an emerald, and a diamond. What makes this ring unique is that it is actually two rings held together with magnets.

But, making a custom engagement or wedding ring means you can choose whatever stones and metals you prefer. Popular choices would be platinum, gold, and silver of course.

The Knot magazine conducted a survey in 2021, and 48% of respondents chose white gold for their wedding ring. But, what you do with these precious metals is what makes your ring unique.

For example, mokume gane wedding rings such as those provided by Jaume Labro use a Japanese art form to create unique wood grain patterns in the metal. Different metals can be forged together and then handcrafted to produce a wedding ring that looks like no other. Different types of gold along with precious and non-precious metals can be used to create a custom ring of your choosing. 

Why are people looking at handmade wedding and engagement rings now?

Engagement rings can be expensive, and in the current financial climate, they represent a huge investment. The cost of living is forcing people to take more than one job, and it is making it difficult to plan for house moves or weddings for instance.

Therefore, many people may wish to put their money into something more unique than a store-bought wedding ring. And there is also a trend for unconventional engagement rings now which include minimal metal bands, and even dermal piercings.

How much will a handmade wedding ring set you back?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to give a price for a custom-made ring as it would depend on so many factors. Which design you choose, the materials involved, what precious stones, and the cut of them will also play a part. Then there is the purity of the metals, and the quality of the gems to consider.

You have already seen the price of an average engagement ring, but wedding jewelry tends to cost less. Around $1,100 is spent on female wedding rings, while men’s cost half of that.

 If you wish to have a custom wedding ring, then you must account for this in your budget as it will be far more than an off-the-shelf type. But, sustainability and supporting local business is part of 2023’s wedding trends. And a local designer might be able to work within your budget.

How can you get a handmade wedding ring?

Go local first of all. Talk to jewelry designers in your area, ask friends if they know of anyone who makes custom jewelry, and try online also.

A search on the net for wedding jewelry designers will bring up plenty of options. Jaume Labro is just one jewelry choice if you want to turn your ideas into a wedding ring, and no matter where you are based, you should be able to locate a designer to suit you.


Custom-made wedding and engagement rings might not fit everyone’s budget, but if you find the right jewelry designer you may be able to work through the possibilities. Different stones and metals are available for different budgets.

Your wedding day is supposed to be unique to you, so it is easy to see why couples are now looking more at unique one-off rings to make the event even more special.

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