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Working With Celebrities and Athletes to Supercharge Your Marketing- Fashion Mingle & TexWorld Mingle Mentor Sessions

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Have you ever wondered how working with celebrities could be beneficial when it comes to marketing your brand? Eddie Rhodman Jr who is located in Miami, FL as a Brand Manager and Talent Procurer was able to explain such importance during Fashion Mingle Mentor Sessions, that took place July 21st-23rd.  

Rhodman Jr has been able to work with several athletes to increase their brand awareness in the business world, media, and most of all the community. Rhodman has been able to work with Olympians, NBA and NFL players like Calvin Pace and Mark Sanchez as well as Several NASCAR racers. He states that several events have been conducted online due to Covid-19, where they had workout sessions along with several events like cooking and wine sessions where people can interact through these platforms and conduct their business. Having a celebrity may attract people that would otherwise not be interested, it is important to entertain the public and book a celebrity or athlete if possible and have them call into your private line.

Rhodman states that the current events taking place online are beneficial, since these athletes or celebrities are able to communicate in a more personal level with the public, where they are able to show their comfort and private space through a digital platform, having the community and these celebrities connect in a more intimate way, something that could also be beneficial in the fashion world and the current events that are taking place digitally.

“Virtually, this can increase your audience not only locally in the United States, but internationally”, Rhodman stated; saying that Fashion brands can benefit from having celebrities wear their creations as the world is exposed to viewing an important figure interacting with their commonality and fashion taste.

Rhodman mentioned that fashion brands should take into consideration the power of diversity, where everyone is included, since you want to promote apparel that is comfortable and will fit athletes and celebrities well and in a positive way to attract the community and make Fashion for everyone, which will be beneficial for your fashion brand to expand.

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